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Monday, September 6, 2010

oh, those days

So today we were driving around (trying to get babydear to nap!) and dada and I entered into that most dangerous discussion - “What would we be doing right now if we didn’t have kids?”
you gotta hang on to the nice moments on the rough days
out for a walk with the fam

Now. This sounds Truly Awful.

I know that.

But it’s a blustery sort of day. Perfect for sitting in a coffee shop with a book. Oh, or the paper! I can’t remember the last time I read the paper. We even GET the Sunday paper, which nobody does anymore and I still never read it. It goes into the recycling still bundled up nearly every week.

But yes, sitting in a coffee shop with a latte reading on the latest world events. Maybe catching a movie and then a late dinner out.

Good lord. I miss those kinds of days.

You have to know the kind of day we had been having however.

Babydear has decided to act two this week. “No! MY! MY DO! MY TURN! MY CAR! NOOOO. Etc etc.”

Which is just lovely.

Also, not wanting to nap. Hence the car ride.

Little man was complaining of a belly ache. Tired. Crabby. He and I actually got in a little shouting match today before dinner. I know shouting at your child is Truly Truly Awful. However. Big however. He literally grabbed the bag of animal crackers I told him he couldn’t have (5 minutes before dinner) and ran down the hallway with it screaming hysterically after I told him no. I think I shouted after him something like “ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? COME BACK HERE WITH THAT!”

Then mama and dada got in a “conversation,” as little man says, about how shouting at ones children is Truly TRULY Awful.

Did I mention dada is in the ER right now for a suspected broken foot? No, he didn’t do it playing volleyball. He STUBBED HIS TOE chasing children at the park today. (I know I know poor dada however my immediate thought is “A CAST??? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!”)

Yes. Yes indeedy. It has been a swell day.

So, thoughts of lazy Labor Day weekends aren’t too too evil of us, right?

Oh, the clothes I would have. Oh, the purses. Maybe a little loft downtown? All sleek and modern looking. Oh, the movies and the dinners and the vacations! Oh, the vacations. Italy? Maybe France? Or somewhere exotic like Tahiti. OOOH. And I maybe would still look decent in a bikini? OH, maybe I would have an actual career?? (My chosen field of international-and-etc doesn’t quite mix with babies-and-etc.) OOOOOH. Maybe we would actually be living and working abroad like we always said we would do??!!

But, then, as we drove around sipping our lattes, little miss conked out in the back and little man chomping on his fruit leather dada says “Yea, but we’d be sitting in our nice loft downtown sad that we didn’t have kids. And you would work too much.”

Which is all true.

So, after getting babies to sleep, I sit and type with my glass of wine by my side waiting for an update from dada (please just a sprain! Pleasepleasepleaseplease!)

And despite it all (because of it all?) life is pretty good. You know?

….especially when they are asleep, after a day like today…..and when I have a glass of wine to end it with…..

Next up: I actually purchased a great little sweater to make a pair of woolies, as promised, however what with the crazy non-napping baby and the broken-foot-dada not too much sewing time was available this weekend. Hopefully this week.


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