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Friday, September 10, 2010

thoughts on being nice to yourself

So yesterday I was doing the lazy walk around Target (note to my sister Anne: I cannot boycott any longer. I needed a plastic bin and bananas and kid socks all in one place. Where else can one go?? Please forgive me.)

I strapped babydear in. Gave little man strict instructions (no yelling for toys, no screaming and crying, be nice to your sister. If you do all these things I will buy you corn-syrup-laden fruit snacks) and we were off.

As we wandered up and down the aisles I came across the makeup section.

A note re me and makeup – rarely ever does this happen, perhaps some mascara to brighten the eyes and some foundation to cover up circles under said eyes.

kick back. enjoy your babies. be nice to yourself.
you deserve it!
Anyway. So I was like. Hmmm…I need new foundation. I am gonna buy some, darnit. So I looked and found this tinted “face brightening” lotion stuff, complete with SPF 15 (as I am increasingly concerned about the lines appearing around my eyes, daily SPF is a good thing. Seriously, it’s like a hit my 30s and BOOM lines around the eyes. Where did they come from? And then my forehead too? WHAAAA??? The squint line between my eyes is the one that bothers me the most. Why? Because it isn’t symmetrical. It goes up and off to one side, only one side. Why does it do this? I like symmetry. Please, if you know me IRL (In Real Life, as the kids say) please don’t look at me cockeyed the next time you see me. Maybe I need that stuff that Jennifer Garner sells. What is it? That lotion with like caffeine in it or something? Retinol? No, that isn’t right. Anyway. I need that stuff. But for now, SPF is a start.)

Anyway. Enough on wrinkles.

(I just googled it - of course I did - the stuff is called Neutrogena Anti-Oxidant Age Reverse Day Lotion. I NEED IT. MUST HAVE IT. Maybe it’s because I like her hair in the commercials though?)

Enough. Back to Target.

I also walked past this book I have on reserve at the library – silly teenage fiction – and was like, I am gonna buy this book too, dangit!

My point is – can you tell I am tired? My second cup of coffee is sitting in the microwave, I should go rescue it before I write anymore – as I was saying before I interrupted myself, my point is that we need to do these kinds of little things to be nice to ourselves once in awhile.

My dear husband, last night, put the children to bed on his own so I could go sit with a friend and have a glass of wine at a little café down the street. I went early and brought my new book. YAY. To be out at 9pm without children? I mean, amazing. Bliss.

I have done that sort of thing before of course, since becoming a mother I mean, but never with such ease, clear conscience and lack of trepidation for my husband.

I am totally doing that again. SOON.

This kind of freedom to allow yourself to enjoy life is essential in quality mommying, and a quality mommying experience (for you, and your kidlings!)

Be nice to yourself. Treat yourself like you would a sister or good friend who is a mom. Think of yourself in the third person.

“Poor Sara. She has a headache. Babydear is teething – darn molars. Both kiddies have colds. She is getting this cold. What can we do for her? I know! LET’S BUY HER A NEW BOOK AND SOME NICE NEW MAKEUP!! YAY!! YAY US! That will make her SO happy!!”

Just don’t talk like this out loud. Not in public anyway.

So. Go make yourself a cup of tea. Get online. Order yourself some flowers to be delivered. (Can you imagine the audacity?)

And now, Sara needs a snack. Come on, let’s go get her something yummy.

Next up: Making cloth diapers. Or something like this.


  1. I was sitting here wishing I had a friend to have coffee with in the mornings...How I wish you were close!! I so enjoy reading your blog and feeling like, yay! Someone else understands my day!!
    I too love to stroll leisurely through Target- even if I don't buy myself something, it sometimes just makes me feel better:-)
    Must get back to my one yr old entertaining himself downstairs...Kate

  2. kate - new here? do i know you IRL? (racking my brain and dont think so....) HI! and welcome! totally my thoughts in doing this blog. somewhere out there is a mom sitting at home with her kid thinking GOOD GRIEF this is tiring. i love that you found this little, yes, with you in spirit! totally. and hope you have a great day!

  3. OK, I love you. I'm sitting here cracking up at the last 10 lines! Awesome.

    Firstly, I totally feel you on the boycott--I really hate Target's political donations, but they have great stuff and they donate money to my kids' school. I feel a little dirty, but I still go.

    I had to go to Target last night--very unusual for my schedule, but needed to be done. I ditched hubby w the kids and bath/bed routine and left on my way at 7:45pm. I seriously forgot that people leave their house after 8:00! It's amazing!! I wandered the aisles, bought way more stuff than I intended--all for the kids, but whatever, it was still fun. Now I have to admit that my kiddos are in school--son is a half day and daughter in 3rd grade, so you'd think I could do this with more regularity, but honestly, the day gets so divided up that I end up running around like a crazy person.

    So I feel you, and I guess it's something we Mommies all have to work on. And now I'll start referring to myself in the 3rd person and probably end up sounding like George Costanza!!

  4. hi there! my cousin (stacy h) sent me over, and i'm so glad she did. i feel like i've found a kindred spirit. i look forward to reading :)

  5. renee - HI! kindred spirits can be found in the craziest places :) thanks for reading! and tell stacy hi for me...


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