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Monday, September 20, 2010

on mondays and contentment

the three best guys in my life...
I had a startling, almost disconcerting, realization lying in bed last night.

I no longer dread Mondays.

What the heck? (as my 4-year old loves to say, loudly, in the presence of lots of adults who think this is somewhat inappropriate.)

What the heck indeed??

I have no idea when this took place. Sometime in the last few months I guess?

Mondays and I never had a good relationship. There was a time in my life where I developed a bad attitude sometime around 1 or 2pm on Sunday, it typically would take until Wednesday evening to shake it (HA.) when the weekend was in sight. (This was also when I worked in an uninspiring job and had staff meetings every Monday morning at SEVEN AM. Seven AM? Really?? Brutal.)

Living from weekend to weekend sucks.

And then when babies came along weekends meant the presence of daddy. Running errands. Going out for dinner at Perkins. Maybe a nap. Etc. Etc. and Mondays were still met with dread, although of lesser intensity.

Thus this realization last night was quite startling.

More than that. I found myself looking forward to the morning.


This morning I woke up to rain and grey skies and nothing on my agenda. Nothing except dealing with the TWO BUSHELS of apples sitting in baskets on my kitchen floor. Nothing except laundry and cleaning. Nothing except a little crafting I keep meaning to do. (I read these amazing books last week, The Hunger Games Trilogy. Thus, little laundry and cleaning happened. We also had guests over or went somewhere EVERY DAY. Which is crazy busy for me. So my house is really, really nasty.) And yet. And yet I woke up relishing the cold wet day of cleaning and applesaucing and etc. putting the house back in order. Writing a little. Saying hi to you all.

Huh. What does this mean I wonder??

Could it possibly mean, gulp, that I am content??


I have always been a looking-for-the-next-bend-in-the-road kind of girl. What is next? What to looks forward to now?

But, I don’t feel that so much in this moment.

Today, today I look forward to making applesauce and split pea soup.

Huh. Who knew?

I think that is it. Mondays don’t bother me because I am content.

Contentment is a funny thing. It sneaks up on you when you least expect it. (I realize after my last whiney post on grocery shopping this is rather ironic to claim, however. But it is like I say - sneaky.) It also isn’t complacency. It can’t be. One always needs to maintain some kind of striving/dreaming/scheming (I got lots of scheming going on right now) to keep things interesting. But contentment in the now can coexist with those things. Quite nicely.

And, also (to give myself an out) I imagine by Thursday morning this will change when I can no longer stand being the dishes/laundry/whiney-child-entertaining/applesaucing queen.

But for now, for this rainy morning. I will take it.


  1. you can be content and still not like grocery shopping at the same time... i think that by the time my kids were about the age yours are now grocery shopping had evolved into something that we did as a family or something i did by myself at 8pm after dad was home and supper done and bedtime in sight... so don't be to hard on yourself!! :D

  2. I think you just found your "Be where you are" moment. Enjoy every precious contented second! (Because you're almost out of milk. LOL!!)


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