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Sunday, January 16, 2011

half-time window snakes

So. Dada spent yesterday either obsessing about or watching football.

I am not a football kind of gal. I don't even really have a comparable obsession with which to relate to his obsession. The Grey's Anatomy series finale (when the show was good)...for several hours...while wearing Grey's Anatomy T-shirts...and eating special Grey's Anatomy snacks??

I simply CAN. NOT. GET. INTO. IT.


I have tried.

I have asked questions.

I have pretended.

we got our game faces on...serious business...
So now, on important games at least, I do what all good wives in my position do. Don a T-shirt of the appropriate team, dress the kiddies up in their sports attire and settle down with the family in front of the TV...with a good book in hand.

Oh yes I did.

Sometime around half time the children were bouncing on the furniture, I couldn't focus on the book, the snacks were eaten (made by dada, HA. He makes GOOD wings.) so I took the children and decided to sew up a quick entertaining craft.

Window snakes. To be used to block drafts in their bedroom.

Little miss has her bed right below the window (a little mattress on the floor) and it has occurred to me, maybe she would stay in it longer if there wasnt a draft from the window. I had already tacked up a folded up quilt onto the (very cold) wall, hoping that might help. So then I was thinking rolled up blanket or...hmmm... a snake!


I cut out long pieces of fabric (a red one for little man, per his request) then used sand from their INDOOR SANDBOX (I know, I am crazy.) and filled them up. We then sewed the mouth shut, with little tongues sticking out, and sewed on buttons for eyes. VOILA. SNAKES!

(As a side note, please, do double up your fabric when trying this, if you so care to. The snakes unfortunately leak through the fabric the fine dusty sand...greeeeeaaaaaaaat. I thought about doing this but then got frustrated with my bad scissors and settled on a single layer.)

Anyway. Here are some pics. And thank goodness our team won!!

yes, i used old pajama pants

funneling the sand into the snakes -
the only part of the "craft" the kids

racing snakes

my snake! my snake!


  1. oh my gosh!! that is so cute and a great idea!!!!I think we need some of those for the school room!!;)

  2. I missed this post earlier, probably bc I was wearing my Steelers jersey and screaming at the TV, then took a few hours to come down from the high of a crazy win. I can remember sitting on my living room floor as a child and listening to my parents scream at the Steelers game on TV, so I guess some things are learned obsessions. It's really amazing, though, that the emotions of the greater Pgh area are affected by a win or a loss.

    But I understand where you're coming from, bc when my husband is avidly watching march madness and explaining bracket possibilities, I cannot bring myself to give a hoot. So you get full points for supporting/indulging the Steelers Obsession (arguably a way of life, really...) while taking whatever steps necessary to maintain your own sanity. Plus you'll be toasty warm with your draft-free rooms!

    Maybe some black and gold snakes are in order? ;-P

  3. ha. the day i start crafting in black and gold will be a scary one indeed :)


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