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Saturday, January 1, 2011

on a new year and resolutions and such

And so it’s the new year.

I feel as though I should have an inspirational post about goals and vision for the new year.

Eh. Maybe next week. Right now my goals would read something like this:

• Shower more often
• Clean the basement
• Try and eat more than chex mix for dinner on nights when dada isn’t around
• Ummm. Get dressed every morning?

Sure I guess I have some real goals.

The whole running and getting in shape thing would be good. I used to LOVE running. I still do but what with the ice and the snow and the children well, it doesn’t happen. Ever. I kinda feel guilty. We are talking about a gym membership. Talking being the operative word there.

And then writing goals. I have this daunting project I have been working on for years that I need to just FINISH ALREADY. Even if I never submit it anywhere. I just have to finish the dang thing. So I am thinking about taking a writing class to get me motivated on that one. And then yes, this blog. Although this being my fun release outlet I really don’t need to work on it. (Can you imagine me posting MORE? Like, sheesh Sara get a life already!)

And then personal goals. Being a nicer more patient more funner mommy would be one. Being a nicer more patient more funner wife too. Basically just being a nicer more patient more funner human being I guess would cover it.

But all of these are constant goals in my life. Not really resolutions per se. I find the whole new year resolution thing a little tedious. I prefer the ebb and flow of constantly “improving oneself” as Jo says in Little Women. One, it’s easier (rather than beating oneself up about that second piece of cheesecake consumed on January 17th), two I find that certain things are more important to “work on” it certain phases of one’s life than others (like getting in shape BEFORE swimsuit season, for example, why bother in the dead of winter??) and three – and I think this is the clincher for me – in my current phase of life I really am just living day to day, week to week, so it’s hard for me to think in grandiose terms when my main goal for the day is to take a shower and clean the scum from last night’s rice off the stovetop. You know?

This is really huge for me because I am a PLANNER. Like, with a capital P. I like to know what is next. I like to be in control of what is next, more precisely. But, something about motherhood has dulled that in me. Perhaps because of the monotony? No, that isn’t really it. Maybe it’s just a contentment thing, as in, I am actually content. Perhaps. Maybe it’s just that children suck the life out of you and it’s hard to think about tomorrow, let alone six months from now??

Maybe it’s a little bit of both. Most likely. But, life is like that, right? A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Yoga pants and aprons. Take it as it comes. Roll with it. Do the best you can. Then try to do a little better tomorrow.

How is that for an inspiring life philosophy?

Happy New Year mommies!

baby sister, having fallen asleep IN THE SLED, then slept another 30
minutes on the porch of our family holiday house...

oh, and that is where I was this past week. frolicking with my sisters
 and brother and kids and hanging out in front of the fire and drinking too much
coffee (and other certain adult beverages) and staying up too late...
and all in all i am exhausted but it was a wonderful week!!


  1. well said for sure.
    ...maybe it's because life is so darn uncontrollable!!!
    i think your philosophy is spot on.

  2. Motherhood has taken a bit of the perfectionist out of me. I'm glad! I used to gauge my kiddo's baby days in this way: If we survived, it was a good day. If we got outside, listened to music, and read, then it was a great day. Now that she's in school and I work full-time, I try to keep the same attitude. Perfect is impossible and stressful. Good is good enough.

  3. it certainly is isnt it alicia?
    jess-good IS good enough, well said :)


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