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Monday, January 3, 2011

an update re dreads and the arrangement of my living room furniture

So, now that I have the messy dead tree out of my living room (big sigh of relief, bah humbug of me I know but after awhile its just such a mess and I want it OUT) I have come up with a new scheme for the living room.
I freaking love it.

I just want to sit and look at how pretty it is.

We went out to IKEA yesterday (side note: if I ever mention to any of you going to IKEA on a Sunday during a sale at nap time without having fed the kids lunch yet please hit me over the head with a baseball bat. I shall be ever so grateful.) We purchased these wool fleeces I have been lusting over for months and months. Dada was finally convinced to splurge on them when little man spread a blanket out on the wood floor because it was too cold to sit on to play with his castle. SAD. (A tip: IKEA has two sizes, one for $40 and one for $25, however on closer inspection some of the $25 fleeces were merely 1/2 an inch smaller than the $40 version!! I dug around the container for two of these bigger ones and voila! Two fleeces for just ten dollars more than the other "larger" size I had wanted!!)

We of course have large area rugs but I like a bare wood floor for play 1) one can drive cars and such with ease 2) one can easily wipe up things like juice/pee etc. However the floors are COLD this time of year. So we got two fleeces and put them in the play corner to cozy up to.

Then I put an old TV stand (made by dada) in the corner to put the castle on (with handy storage for all his "guys" underneath) and the dollhouse went up on the old toy shelf (removing several things they dont play with like the wooden beads and stacking rings and such.) Then the Duplos got a new home in a more attractive and larger container.

I should also mention here that I also stashed away about half of their new Christmas toys to pull out in the depths of winter ... or next year ... Dada looked at me like I was a Christmas grinch when I was doing this but really, the amount of toys can be overwhelming and its so much more fun to be able to enjoy them slowly and pull them out in a month or two. Right? Does anyone else do this?

I also got a new pillow for the sofa which was purchased simply for being pretty. (Insert smiley face guy). And then I bought some colorful frames to display our family pictures taken in the local community garden this summer. SO excited to hang these.

And there you have it! Freshened up living space for the new year.

As far as the dreads go...They were looking pretty dread-y this morning so I thought I would share a pic.

PS I am once again posting with pics from the
blackberry...somehow I lost the connector cord
for my new camera over the holidays!! ACK!
Happy Monday mommies. Isn't it kinda nice to be back in the swing of things after all the holiday hoopla?


  1. Hi Sara...Your dreads look lovely. I need to post a more recent pic of mine. I found some dread beads on Etsy and I love them! Don't feel bad about putting away the kids' presents for later. At least you're keeping them. I have to confess I actually got rid of some of the brand-new toys that my kids were given! They just weren't interested and we don't have the space for them.

  2. We did that with our kids toys after a few weeks of playing with them. It's a good idea because it makes it new. All I have to do is put a few in the shed and suddenly my son is as anxious as can be to play with them again.
    How long does it take for your dreads to finish? I honestly have no clue how they form or anything.

  3. oh, and hey, did you make that sweater? I love it and it looks like a pretty easy crochet pattern.

  4. thanks erin! i would love to see a new pic of your one!

    alicia - dreads can be artifically "permed" in, which would be instant. but that kind of wigs me out. so i just ratted the heck out of my hair at first to get them going and they slowly are turning to dreads...kind of fun. and no, didnt make the sweater. i am not much of a crocheter but i imagine it would be an easy pattern? maybe check out


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