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Thursday, January 13, 2011

an ode to the farm

So I am at my mom’s farm today. It is lovely. We escape here quite regularly. And why?

It is restful.

Not only are there aunties to play Wii with little man (and a Wii!!) but there are rooms filled with books and crafting supplies and jars full of dried apples and raw honey on the counter.

And of course, Mamaw and Gee-pa themselves.

And in the summer. Oh my. There are sheep to visit and tractors to ride and eggs to fetch and gardens to dig in and rasberries to pick and woods to explore and cousins to chase fireflies is a child's paradise.

All week I have heard "my hug GeePA! my HUG FARM!"

And so we come.

Every mommy needs a place to escape to. A place of community, where one is free to open the cupboards and scrounge for the hidden chocolate peanut clusters on the top shelves, where children roam freely being watched by whoever is in that room at present, where mommy is free to blog without utilizing the television, where tea abounds  (cup after cup after cup) and there is always a hand to squeeze.

And sincerely, I wish a place of peaceful escape for all you mommies out there - where the tea runs freely and there are hands to hug little people and mostly, where mama gets loved on.

watching " 'arry podder "

homeschooling aunties

did i mention the tea?

lots and LOTS of tea

we love spinning stools.

peek a boo mamaw!

a cupboard full of pretties

this is what 25 years of homeschooling curricula looks like...

crafting galore

my mom loves sheep knick knacks....

...this is why...

Gee-pa's tractor

the once sunny porch covered in snow...
...the best place to sit with a cup of tea

Gee-pa and little miss.


  1. Oh, what a gorgeous place to be! Is your family accepting applications for adoptions? ;-)

  2. that was fun because i've not seen your parents since t-town. i can't believe she still has kids at home homeschooling! wow, what a woman. such a cool farm too:)

  3. Ah man you're making me homesick and its not even my home or my "family"! lol. I miss WI and the farm...

  4. Tell your mom and dad hello from me! I have such fond memories of your parents--Shakespeare class, HAM RADIO(!) and TMI fundraisers! :-)

    So proud of your mom still homeschooling! She's a lady who sure knows how to finish strong! I pray I have the fortitude!

  5. Wow, I am really jealous! Both of you for having people to watch your kids run around freely and of your mom's homeschooling bookshelf! ;)

    That is great that you have them near enough to visit regularly.

  6. messages relayed! thanks all. it is a fun place to be able to go...and we are lucky...
    oh, but wait till you see photos of the farm in summer!!

  7. this totally made my stomach knot up and eyes sting. california is really far away...


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