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Monday, February 14, 2011

excuses, excuses... and an announcement

I haven't been posting much lately. But I have several bonafide excuses.

I am taking a writing class. Like every other blogger out there I have a W.I.P (Work In Progress) with the intention of being a "real writer" someday. (Or am I now? I wrote "writer/mother" on my occupation status at the dentist recently and they were like, Oh, what do you write? And I was like Oh, ummm. This project I am working on...uhh.. and then quickly added, plus contract writing for local non-profits, oh ok. So not really a "REAL" writer. I tend to try and explai.n myself too much. I should've just been like, oh, I am working on a book. Bite me.)

Well, umm, its been a lot of work. A lot. When is one supposed to work on the said W.I.P. when one has children, dishes, no help, and is quite tired by the end of the day and only wants to watch episodes of "Off the Map" at the end of the night? This is why this W.I.P. has been I.P. for more than five years now. There simply isn't time. I need to make time.

And then the other reasons.

This isn't helping:

Then there are these two. One of which is teething (endlessly).

And last but not least, there is this:

And yes, we are excited. So very. But, my word this stage is exhausting!

So. That is life. My excuses. You know how it is. But we are nearing spring! And the first trimester will be done soon! So, let us hope for sunshine and energy. In the it naptime yet?


  1. Yay, oh yay! As soon as I saw "announcement" that's what I was hoping... Congratulations! We're trying too...fingers crossed.

    And we have news as of this week--M. got a new job in Brussels at the Parliament so we're moving back there in May!

    And yes, one is a writer whether the W. is I.P. or beyond, I'm convinced.

  2. Congratulations! *squeals with unashamed delight* You're an awesome mom and a fab writer. (Don't let the dentist tell you any different.)

  3. thanks friends!
    ha ha mary, if you say so.
    so exciting robin! still need to visit you in europe one of these years....

  4. Yey Sara! As you know, I am so so happy for you! Much love.

  5. Seriously, you are a writer. This is one of the most well-written, lovely blogs I have ever read. Keep it up!


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