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Saturday, February 26, 2011

playmates (and a dreads update)

It is great to watch your kids start to become friends. The first year with two is hard. Toddler is bored. Baby gets the attention. (Occasionally she gets kicked.)

Somewhere around a year to 18 months big sibling realizes. Oh, the baby is kind of fun. They roll balls. They play peek a boo. And then it happens. Baby starts walking, running, talking. Suddenly, she is a playmate!

They fight, sure. But they also greet each other with kisses and hugs and hand each other toys to share and he builds her rocket ships (she calls them "shippits") and she plays his games ("and NOW we are knights chasing a dragon, here hold your sword!" "Oh. SURE." she says.)

This is what makes me want to have a bazillion children. Or, at least three.

Also, there might be some dread shots of mommy's hair below. They are very dread-y lately. My mom said to me the other day as I took my standard ponytail down, so, how long are you going to keep doing this? Ummmm. For awhile yet. HA. Apparently it takes a year for them to get good. I am on month 5 maybe. So. The wait continues. But, they are more dread-y now.

very dread-y
please, ignore the sinkful of dishes.
yikes. messy.
and then there is this shot. the belly.
apparently 3 babies in five years
means you start showing at 10 weeks.


  1. Oh man, kids playing together is so adorable. Also makes me want to have, as you say, a bazillion or three.

    Shippits. SO cute.

  2. LOVE the happy sibling shots! Your kiddos are so gorgeous. And the hair is really coming along! I think your patience is being rewarded!

  3. I'm sooooooo behind on blog reading. Didn't realize you were pregnant! CONGRATULATIONS!!! After three, it gets easier and easier. Four was a cinch! Five a breeze. So, just hang on! :-)


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