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Monday, February 14, 2011

to my lovies on valentines day

To my little man,
You made me a mama. It was you. My happy thought. With your dark thatch of hair and wide brown eyes and yelping cry. Now I go in to kiss you goodnight once more, hours after you have fallen asleep, and instead of tucking you in I cuddle up next to you. Warm and peaceful in your fuzzy footie jams. I can see in your round face the baby you were. My first baby. Squawking and cooing. Never sleeping when I wanted you to, oh so desperately! I was so tired! Walking the halls, bouncing and singing. Go to sleepy my little baby. That baby has faded away. In his place is this amazing little boy. So sensitive and kind. So intense and maddening.  All of these things that you love that I never could have imagined. Chess and castles, knights and legos. You want to be big so badly. Yet, as I kiss your soft cheek one last time you turn toward me in your sleep. YOu are  still him, my little baby. I want to scoop you up in my arms and rock you, bring you to mama's bed with sister to cuddle all night. But, I tuck you in. Push your hair back. Pull up your blankets one more time.
I love you little man.

To my baby girl,
You came to us so peacefully. So redeeming after your brother's hard birth. You made me believe in my body again. You laid on my chest looking up at me. Hi, I know you. With your blonde curls and blue eyes you were the opposite of your brother. But I see you together and my heart smiles. You need each other. It's beautiful. And you, dear girl, are beautiful. Your fiery yet gentle spirit is the perfect addition to our little world. Thanks for being in it. For being you.
Love you, Mama 

To dada,
What can I say. This little world is nothing without you. You are the perfect center to it. We love you. I love you.

(Emotional and hormonal... and in love. Forgive the sap dear reader.)

a morning of valentine fun
and more fun...anybody want one?? seriously. anyone?

my hug tup-take. ohhh, tup-take!


  1. Oh Sara this made a fellow mama cry. I could have written it myself, brown eyed, brown haired boy who made me a mummy, not a baby but still MY baby. My second child (although a boy) blonde curls and blue eyes, fiery and the opposite of baby 1.

    Although I have precious baby 3 (which will soon be you too) as well as my husband who is the centre of our little world.

    I loved reading it, thank you for writing :c)

  2. Oh my. You've said it all. And so brilliantly.Love your blogs. Love to you and yours.

  3. so beautiful, and such a wonderful family! And yes, this made me cry in the best possible way!

  4. You also brought a tear to my eyes, and I don't even have kids. Beautiful. Love you all!

  5. glad i shared then :)
    thanks for the love friends.


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