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Monday, February 7, 2011

indoor castles and trying trying trying

So yesterday it was 30 degrees out. CRAZY. We of course were busy, what with church and superbowl preparations (BOO! Steelers fans were sad here...), and did not get the kiddies outside.

A mistake.

I went to take them out into the glorious sunshine today and thought, hmm, I better check the weather first. Yea, 5 degrees today. With a windchill of -15. Some mommies, tougher than I, may venture outside but this mommy wasn't feeling it.

fierce knight defending his realm.
Instead, I sat in the sunshine, drinking it in, with a cup of hot tea, while the kiddies played and then, gathering my creative energy, suggested we head down to the family room and make a castle.

A castle mom? Inside? Where? How? YAY! REALLY??

So, we spent the morning taping boxes together and carving out peepholes and draping sheets and then, of course we needed a flag, so mama cut out a lion shape and stitched it to a square of red fabric. Little man was delighted. The best thing I have made for him to play with I think.

we like this mom.
Little miss got into it too bringing me box after box from the storage room. She is hilarious lately. So grown up. Her favorite new phrase is: My trying. My trying! MY DO IT. She has suddenly decided to 1) dress herself (it takes sooooooooooo long! Little man never did this, he still doesn't. He would run around in his pajamas all day if I didnt suggest clothes. Ok, often he does...) 2) getting into her carseat herself and fastening the buckle (ACK. But you can't do it baby!!) and 3) stop wearing diapers. She is actually potty training herself. My peepee mama. Okay, go for it. Best part is, she wants brother to help her. NO. Mama. Jack do it. NOOO MAMA. Okay, okay. Have fun! He helps her sit down and then I come in to supervise. She even wipes and flushes the toilet herself.

Nice of her, huh?

yes, i cut out that lion and sewed it on.
like i told my sister, what else do i have to do.

on the lookout...
So, that is it from our little corner of the world. I am tired. Tired of cold and snow and cold. And snow. And cold too. But it is a peaceful kind of tired. Not restless or angstful. I am okay hibernating and waiting it out. You know? So, I will plug away at my days. Trying, trying, trying.

Although, some melting-of-snow-type-weather would be welcome. Maybe in a month....or two. HA.


  1. sara. i beyond love you and your babies and your blog. period. i hope i can be a crafty mamma one day:)

    just to be clear "one day" doesn't mean i'm pregnant or in the market to become so! haha. just to clarify!

  2. i feel the same as bekah. i could just copy and post her comment as my own!

    i'm glad you feel at peace with being tired and waiting out winter! i'm kinda in the same boat.


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