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Sunday, September 25, 2011


Our baby love is here. She is a she. Our Baby Evergreen. I will tell her story eventually here, just not yet, it was hard and scary and we are still processing it all. I need to cry about it before I can write about it I guess.

But she is here. In my arms instead of my belly. All 9lbs 14 oz of deliciousness. Born yesterday, at 10:46am in our home.

And to so many I am grateful:

*my dad, who came Friday to hang out and rescue me from myself (and my crazy kids)
*my sister and brother in law, who despite the ick-factor hung out with my kids while I screamed out a baby in our basement
*my big sister and her husband, who dropped their kids off at grandma's farm to come and roast us a chicken for dinner that night
*my midwives, who with wisdom and strength knew just what to do to unstuck my very stuck baby and then who breathed life back into her while she lay limp and blue on my chest
*and for dada, who gave me this girl, my family, who is my heart, and who chases kids at birthday parties so I can have an hour of quiet with my new girl.

I love you all. Especially today, you, dear Evergreen. Welcome.


  1. Dearest momma. you are a woman in all her (sore) and beautiful glory. You are a hero to now three beautiful children, a husband, and a whole host of us who read and enjoy your thoughts and emotions. You empower me from across a few state lines and through social media. I send you the warmest of congratulations, and I breathe a sigh of relief to know that you were in good hands... and that just as you and Steve put life into Evergreen...they helped to whisper the breath back into her little chest. It brings tears to my eyes. Sending you love.

  2. Congratulations Sara and Steve! I'm so thankful to hear it was a safe if scary arrival!!! She is beautiful and you are awesome!

    (Your blog went from meat pies to a brand new sweetie pie! :)

  3. Oh my word I can't wait to hear that story! Just the summary made me cry!

    Congratulations!! Hope recovery is going well.

  4. Welcome to the world, dear Evergreen. The photos of everyone are perfect! May your precious first days be filled with love, rest, cuddles. Congratulations to your whole family, wishing you all the best as you transition from 4 to 5. And, yes, can't wait to hear the story, your "teaser" is too much!

  5. she is beautiful. congrats and big love to you and your family. i'm a little speechless and lump-throated...overwhelmed to read your abbreviated birth well, my sister. have a beautiful autumn with the ones you love! you're all in my prayers.


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