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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

party of five

Our first few days...

gentle, gentle, GENTLE!!!


why hello there world.

you know i was dying to try this on her...

pretty baby

dance party

mama watched and enjoyed her first beer. yum.

little man, the first morning after she was born said "where is dada?"
"upstairs, with ayla." "oh! where is evergreen! i forgot we had her" and
then came running up to her, stroked her head and said "lookin' good,
evergreen, lookin' good." HA HA HA

where i plan on being for the next week or so.
in the mama chair with
our baby love.

cuddled on the couch - photo by little man.


  1. oh sara, she is so your baby -- looks like jack and ayla yet all herself. love, love jack's comment re: forgetting about evergreen. so age appropriate and i love that for a day or so he can relive the joy of 'remembering'. enjoy your time in the mama chair - soaking in the newness and resting. love and blessings to you all.

  2. love love love love love the pictures!! The knit baby sack is almost as gorgeous as she is. "Looking good" indeed! LOL! Sending happy wishes for lots of warm family moments.

  3. Yay for having such a wonderful, peaceful (at least it looks really peaceful, other than the first picture, LOL) babymoon! You and yours deserve it!

  4. Sara, she is precious! Your babies have THE most adorable cheeks.


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