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Thursday, September 22, 2011

pictures of september

September has been an interesting month for us. Considering I was thinking little man would share his birthday week with baby (Aug 28) and it looks like I will be sharing MY birthday week with baby (OCTOBER 1!) well, you can see why its been an interesting month.

But, I have tried, to be a good fun mommy. And aside from the occasional afternoon where all I can manage is putting the hooligans in front of PBS kids and playing Solitaire on the hasn't been that bad.

Anyway. So here are some photos.

Will post more later...either when baby arrives or after I make some fab meat pies I have been craving...hmmmm....

watching the leaves turn

enjoying lots of windy afternoons in the yard

saying goodbye to flowers and green things...

and bellies...(someday it will be gone, right??)


family trips to the park

LOTS of lego assembly

chasing balls on the kickball fields by our house

loving my little man...

and my beautiful girl....


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