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Sunday, September 11, 2011

organizing the crap out of my house

Totally doing the burst of energy thing this past week. Or it could just be the added incentive. Every night as I am getting the kids ready for bed I think, well I could wake up in the middle of the night in labor SO I NEED A CLEAN HOUSE. And I clean. Then the next evening I DO IT AGAIN. And the next night, again. (Yes, I am tired. But my house is REALLY CLEAN.)

Same goes with last minute projects and organzing and things I have been putting off. Sorting out old magazines, cleaning under the couch, hanging up pictures that have been sitting in the bedroom for months, etc.

Then I start thinking about the new year (September is more the beginning of a new year than January, for some reason...too many years in school perhaps) and how little man is insisted on being "home schooled" this year to "learn how to read." Once this baby is born I know the weeks are gonna fly by and suddenly it will be mid-November so yea, lets do those school-ish organizing things I was thinking about now too.

So, here is my week of organizing and getting ready for baby (and my attempt to ignore contractions and the fact that I thought I would have a new baby by now.....)

a few stick on corkboard squares, a cheap day of the week
planner, a magentic calendar from my mom's
homeschooling of little kid days
plus an artwork dsiplay space
= a great little "school" organizing corner

a couple spice racks from ikea = reading corner

cozy corner for the kiddies
moved the old moon and star ikea night lights from the
playroom to the kids bunks, plus a (spice rack) shelf for little
man to put his treasures = cozy bedtime space
maybe she will actually sleep here now????

my solution for baby storage. no room for
another dresser in our shared bedroom so
baskets (all light colored) will have to do.
plus, baby things are so cute! the lower shelves
are diapering supplies, then clothes, then shoes and hats

Love, Mama


  1. Love it! I've seen gutter bookshelves on Raising Olives, but not spice racks, which are probably much easier. Our babies haven't had dressers since baby #2. :)

  2. I love all the tiny nooks for tiny people--they look so snuggly that I wish I were small enough to fit in there. Spice racks are a great idea!!

  3. heidi, i have seen those too! maybe for the playroom down the line...
    thanks tracy!


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