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Monday, August 6, 2012

anti-recipe #51 summer veggie and sausage skillet

So. Its really late. I am upstairs in our little attic room, baby asleep on my lap, dada and kids snoring on the big old king bed.

What I really want is chocolate. Badly.

I would weigh a million pounds if I werent a mother. All of those opportunities to eat! Or maybe I would read books. Imagine that! Reading! Without interruptions! For hours on end! Oh the things I would know! I would be so damn well-informed!

We went on a little family retreat this weekend. It wasnt really a retreat. Mainly we holed up in a hotel for three nights in the city we just moved out of, and swam in the pool, and watched the Olympics on cable. I love the Olympics. And, not to be whiney (who, me? whiney? NEVER.) But the farm doesnt get the Olympics. No cable. And for some reason the local NBC channel dropped off of the air via antenna a few minutes before the opening ceremonies. (Conspiracy I tell you!!) So yes, we watched, late into the night, sitting on our white duvet covered beds (where the kids ate chocolate chip cookies, no really, they did, and pizza. HA) glorying in the stories and the coverage and the room service.

But then dada's cold got worse, much worse, and he kinda crashed and burned. And the kids got bored. (Do we HAVE to watch the Olympics mom?) And we came home. Only its not home. Its my parents home. And that is starting to feel very disorienting. Does it make me materialistic to feel like I need my stuff to be "home"? Possibly, but, it is what it is. I suppose I ought to be learning stuff about "things" and "home" and "family" but right now I am just whiney. As I mentioned already.

In any case. Before we left, Thursday night maybe, I made this fabulous dinner, inspired by leftover chicken sausages in the fridge and pinterest. Ah, pinterest inspiration. If I had time to cook all the meals I have pinned! And oh, the crafts! But now I am just torturing myself. Some day I wont have three kids under five, right? And, oh, all the time in the world for crafts!

So, the meal.

Really super easy.

Two potatoes, precooked in the micro for maybe 3 minutes. Do you all know about precooking potatoes in the microwave before trying to pan fry them? I dont know why it was such a revelation to me but I learned this a few years ago from my mother in law. After making many batches of pan fried potato with some burnt, some mushy, and some undercooked, I now swear by this method. The trick is to pan fry them BEFORE they get too cooked, that is dont put them in the micro too long. (Can you tell I am tired, this is ridiculous, on with it already Sara!)

After the potatoes were microwaved then chopped then frying in a tablespoon of butter I added some chopped onion (red, a third of an onion) and carrots, maybe a handful. I also threw in several banana peppers which for some reason grow like crazy in my moms garden. You could do summer squash or bell peppers or whatever else you need to get rid of, even tomatoes.  Mmmmm smells good already, right??

So, once this is good and sauteed, remove it from the pan, into a bowl or something, then chop up your sausage (I used three chicken herb cheese sausages, brats would work too I guess). Now fry this up. Once these are good and fried add the potato mixture back in and some more butter (YES, MORE BUTTER) and some fresh herbs, whatever you have around. I used parsley and rosemary and basil and thyme. And salt and pepper. Now chop up an entire good size zuchinni. Yes. The whole thing. Did I tell you to use the big skillet? You need the big skillet. Now sautee this all around. Maybe some more butter. And in five minutes. Done. Yum. I need more of this now. Or some chocolate.


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