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Thursday, August 23, 2012

dreaming my dreams

I am a dream-y kind of person (not "dreamY" mind you, ha.) I need to have a vision of "the next thing" to keep my mind in the game, here is what we are working for, here is why we are doing this. I suppose I am not the only mama who does this. And its not a mama thing, its a human thing, really. To have those motivators behind us, driving us, its a good thing.

But it also means several things 1) I have a very hard time staying in the present. Oh, I am so much better than I was! But its still a struggle. And, 2) I need to have a "thing" to be thinking about...

Cutting to the chase...

We found a sweet little (read, needs a ton of work and is way too small) house on the edge of a small town with an acre to do a bit with, near trails, a park and a river...and we made a bid on it...and they said no.

Which sucked.

Because I had the place renovated, remodeled, rejuvenated in my head, down to where we put the tree for Christmas.


Woe is me.

And now its edging into September.

And the commute is killing dada (he has had bronchitis already and still has a terrible cough.)

And I miss my own dishes.

So, what is a little family to do?

With dwindling time and dwindling options (we need an empty place, and not a foreclosure because it takes too darn long!) we have decided to fall back on renting again, for the winter.

And then we are thinking, land, find a little bit of land, and build something up ourselves. No falling apart foundations, no drafty windows, no low ceilings of old homes and in the newer houses no ridiculously large unuseable spaces or stupid granite countertops (WHY does everyone care so much about granite countertops and stainless steel appliances?? I dont get it at all. So many more things I'd rather spend money on in s home!)

And really, this is better, we can rent, do it slowly, camp on our own land until we do build, build, maybe even put up a yurt!

The dream is alive.

And this is what I need, to carry on through the long winter.

We are reading the Little House books this summer, nearly done with the first one, and I find myself sympathizing with Pa. Moving on, pushing forward, building a new life for your little family in a new place. Dreaming the dream, without letting setbacks get you down.

(Can you tell I am pep talking myself? I totally am. Good golly I dont want to rent again!)

All good things are worth waiting for, and this goat farm/vineyard/writing yurt dream is worth it! DAMMIT, it is.

So folks, there you have it. There is where we are at. Not giving up, but going after the happy dream.

May your dreams be happy too!

This is not the Cranberries song I was looking for but in a way it fits better...Dont you just miss the 90s??? I totally do.

This is the one I meant. Oh this makes me think of teenage years in California, driving over the open rolling hills...ah...



  1. Dreams are good-it's what keeps up pushing forward. It's something to work for. Good luck with yours-I hope you get it ALL.

  2. You are so smart. So very very smart to wait and do the buying land and building a proper dream house (meaning, YOUR dream, not someone else's dream). This has settled into our dream since we moved into our not-quite-dream-house two years ago. My dear, how you and my husband could commiserate over learning and relearning the patience game and pining for the little slice of heaven. Good luck to you. Might take a minute, but you'll get there.

  3. martha - thanks :)
    sue - EXACTLY. i need the motivation.
    jayme - thanks for that my bloggy made me smile :)


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