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Sunday, August 12, 2012

viva la revolution!

So the other day a long time reader, whom I shall call Viva, posted a lovely "I feel where you are at sister mama" kind of comment on my first post ever.

Its got me thinking about mama-ness and this journey I have been on for nearly 6 years now. (Can you believe little man will be 6 soon??? SIX YEARS???)

As I type right now, just for a frame of reference, I am sitting in the semi-dark of our attic room, nursing baby to sleep, still in my nightshirt (at 1:23pm) and yes, wearing yoga pants. Not where I thought I would be at my current middling-30s age when I was say 12 or 15. Oh, the plans! I want to pat that little girl on the head. And really, she had no idea how much better it could be, would be! So much.

And all this makes me think three things.

One. First off. Am I reallly a hippie? I dont know. Sure. A new-era hippie I guess. Every mother I know has some element of this hippie-vibe though, or perhaps its just my circle of friends? We talk about the best baby carriers and learning how to can and night weaning and breast feeding toddlers and home birthing and essential oils for reducing tension headaches and making kefir and raising chickens and cloth diapering and and trying (cringing at) limiting tv time and so on and so forth.

Two. I like that this is where mothering is in my time of mothering. I like that I can be a part of this generation of mothers, I guess I am saying. Where so many many mothers are choosing to be at home, for a few years, ands its okay to do so, even with master's degrees hanging over our heads (and the corresponging loan amounts, eek!) and we get respect for it, for the most part, from other mothers around us. But we can turn to commiserate alongside these working-outside-the-home mamas about cutting teeth and cloth diapering leaks in the middle of the night and trying to find sippy cups that dont collect mold on the inside of the lid. I like being a part of this sisterhood. This generation of girls that grew up on Strawberry Shortcake and Star Wars, that watched Sally Ride rocket in to space and Laura Ingalls fight with Nelly on TV. Look at where we are today! We are the revolution.

I like us.

Also, three.  I like where I am. Oh, I know I am homeless. Who knows what is next and all that. I know I bounce around in despair about my life (I am dramatic, I cant help it.) OH PLEASE MIGHT I HAVE A BIT OF EARTH??? But, all that to say, deep down, and right now on the surface, bubbling up in me, is this very real sentiment - that I like where I am in life. I have three beautiful babies, a rather dashing husband, and to add to that and what is almost more - I like who I am becoming.

Its essential I think to keep moving, to keep discovering who you are, as a mother, a person, a friend, a soul. I am not "a mother" and therefore done with who I am to be. Right now, I am mama, but still, a mama in progress. And really, I like the journey. Oh do I ! I like who I am, in the moment (maybe not tomorrow, HA). I am crunchy. Sure. But I am multi-dimensional. I mean, we all are if we dig around a little. I am a new-era, "Reality Bites" and "Friends"-loving, and yes, dreaded and home birthing, faith inspired, home schooling, one-time around the world adventurer and now some day homesteader who once wanted to be an astronaut and now wants to be a goat-raising artistic writer person.

All rolled into one.


And I like that. Oh, I am becoming more, and oh, do I have plans and hopes. But for now, I am who I am and rather happy at the place I am at in that growth.

And that is a good thing, my sisters, a good thing. To claim it, right? Do you know what I am saying? You have to claim these moments of positivity about ones self every now and then. And then use those good vibes to keep growing and moving and stretching and hoping. There, I said "vibes," I must be a hippie. HA.

And all of this? Well, such is the stuff of life... womanhood, motherhood, sisterhood.

We are all pretty great.

So thanks Viva, for the inspiration.
Viva la sisterhood! Viva la revolution! Go us!


  1. Have you read Radical Homemakers by Shannon Hayes? I have a feeling you would like it. In the first chapter she says, "It is possible to be a feminist and can tomatoes." :-)

    We are all multi-dimensional. Good post!

  2. thanks daja! i will look for that....i was thinking of you today as i read "the have more plan" about small scale homesteading. have you read it? you would LOVE it. :) hugs friend!

    1. No, I haven't read that, but it sounds interesting. Who wrote it? I'll look for it! We have our chickens and soon to add the middle of Los Angeles. What a crazy thing. :-)

    2. ed and caroline robinson, google it, you can download it in pdf form! they wrote in the 1940s, the original "back to the farm" how-to-guide. a must read! bees?? totally dude. i want to too. :)

  3. Thank YOU Sara, for your inspiration. You give me confidence to know that I'm not the only one who wants to live a better, simpler life. Good luck to you and your beautiful family. They are so lucky to have you!

    Viva la revolution! I will spread the word wherever I go!

    <3 Viva

    1. certainly, we are not alone :) i need to write a book about this topic. maybe......

  4. I love it :) It is strange to straddle a hippie/modern mama world. Oh how I miss my baby wearing, nursing, sleepless, cloth diapering days. If only I had realized they were only for a season and what a blessing they were. I am not having more babies....but yet I still cling to those cloth diapers somehow not wanting to let go of that part of me that now works full time and raises two daughters with an ex husband, writing a new husband who is deployed, while living (homeless) with my grandmother, parents, and brother, and three dogs (one from each family). Funny how life changes...never thought at 21 that 10 years later this would be my life. What a roller coaster. I love your posts and your passion for your babies and land.

  5. yay! kristin! thanks for your input. what a ride life is, huh? never wouldve thought i'd be hanging out with babies all day wearing dreads and yoga pants and moosehide boots. HA HA HA. that made me laugh. i was totally pointy toed shoe girl carrying a coach purse plotting out my career. who knew i had this hippy mama inside of me, awaiting to get out. HA!


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