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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Yesterday was a very Monday Monday. I mean like kids-screaming-since-8am-chicken-chasing-through-the-mud-mama-crying-on-the-phone-to-dada-by-2pm-chocolate-and-glass-of-wine-by-4pm kind of day.

That day.

We all have them. We know they happen. But they still suck.

As I was rocking baby dear to sleep last night I was trying to figure out. What went wrong in the day? Where can I do better tomorrow? I need a plan of action. Like my dad always used to say, have  plan, work a plan.

So. My plan?

Well so far it involves really strong coffee and a better attitude. That helps. I am not flinching when little man interrupts my coffee time on the laptop to read ANOTHER Calvin and Hobbes comic. I let little miss wind yarn all around the kitchen and hallway. ("its a BOOBY TRAP MOM!") And the chickens are now contained in a larger scratch yard and will NOT be free-ranging anytime soon. (It just stresses me out too much, especially as my chickens seem to think its okay to walk down into the woods, or down the road instead of staying in the yard and meadow like proper free ranging chickens should).

So far so good.

And the rest of my plan? Recognizing 1) I really do have some kind of SAD type thing. Its been grey for four days straight. Just recognizing that makes it easier to be, well, easier on myself. 2) Bracing myself for snow. Yes. Snow. They say maybe a foot. Maybe a few inches. But still. Snow. I am trying not to get bogged down about it. (Little miss almost started crying. "But what about the flowers?? King Winter CANT COME ANYMORE!") And like a mantra I repeat in my head the nice things about a snowy day. Hot cocoa. Warm fire. Books. Maybe a Harry Potter movie. Knitting. Okay okay okay. I can do it. BLARGH. 3) A nice kiddie oriented craft. I'm thinking felt flower babies that they help stitch together. Or maybe a large spring mural with flowers made out of tissue paper. 4) Keep it going. Dishes, laundry, school time , a new spring circle time (snow be damned) 5) Let my mind wander to nice things. A few minutes on Pinterest usually does it for me. Gardening. Maybe daydream about a vacation to Florida next winter. 6) Messaging my college friend stuck in a similar locale of snowy-no-spring-up-northness. The snowy Northern mama sisterhood must stick together in these trying times.

Okay. There is my regrouping plan. Do you do this too?

Hoping you all have a for real spring in your neck of the woods, and a happy happy Tuesday.

our garden laid out, its going to be AMAZING.


  1. oooooh! I really understand your feelings!! yesterday and today were good days... but sometime...argh! and here, winter is very long too! and we're cold in the house (it's ok 17 °C but now it's too many days to support that!!!!!) Maybe next Sunday we'll have a real spring day, with a normal temperature! But I'm asking me if the meteo is lying to us, for keeping the hope inside us?! so, have a good day tomorrow! :) and thanks for the idea: Loulou likes Calvin and Hobbes now :)

  2. K- glad the suggestion was a hit :) is it spring there yet?? the past several days have been GLORIOUS :)


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