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Friday, April 19, 2013

anti-recipe #60 cauliflower pizza crust

So. On my never-ending quest to find a pizza crust option for my non-gluten loving belly.

First off, nothing will replace a regular slice of pizza pie. Nothing will taste the same. NOTHING.

Now that we get that through our heads, well, what will taste good and provide the same cheesy/tomato saucy taste that is just what I need on Friday nights after a long ridiculously dumb week (for the whole country, right??)

And I have tried othr options, utilizing other kinds of GF flour. But, in two words - they suck. Those other options that is. Chewy and weirdly textured, similiar to eating cardboard with cheese on it.

Not nice.

And then - HOPE.

I see on Pinterest this "gluten free/paleo cauliflower pizza crust" with captions like "to DIE for" etc etc. And. So. Finally I try it.

Well, fine, dada made it the first time.



So, I just made it tonight for the first time myself and thought I'd share so you too can enjoy guilt (pain) free pizza on this Friday night after a long crappy week.

Here you go.

SO, all the recipes I saw used fresh cauliflower. I had frozen. But it works!

Use a whole bag (this will make two crusts). Cook in the microwave for 4 or so minutes, or on the stove whatever, until just warmed. Now shred with a shredder (ricer, all the recipes say. Who owns a ricer? Not this mama.) Now get some paper towel and drain/blot out as much moisture as you can.

Okay? Now add two eggs and two handfuls of shredded moz. Maybe a cup. Dash of oregano or basil. Some garlic salt. Now press onto two stoneware baking sheets (spread some olive oil on first) Use your hands to form into nice THIN round shapes.

Now bake at 450 until golden brown. Top with sauce/cheese and etc. Bake again until cheese is melty.


GO TRY IT. Then thank me later (and Pinterest, HA HA)


  1. thanks! I am currently off gluten so I cant wait to give this a try!!

  2. we tried this few weeks ago but... it would never have the same taste... sadly... today I tried a "broccoli-taboulé" not bad!

  3. Wowza, this was yummy! Thank you. Ours did turn out soggy, but tastey so all were happy. How long did you cook it the first round?

  4. I cant remember the timing! Maybe 30 minutes? It took awhile, but I used bakestones and they always take longer. try pressing out as much liquid as possible with a bunch of paper towels, and maybe using just one egg. mine was too soggy last time too. still, yum, PIZZA.


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