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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

ninja math and the north star

So. In the midst of my when-will-it-be-spring-woe-is-me melodrama we have managed to get on quite well in our homeschooling efforts.

I've started in on a new sort of rhythm, with multiple subjects in short bits every day, rather than dwelling on our letter journey, etc as we did in the early part of the school year.

It seems to be working, and I know it is when I hear little man shriek READ ANOTHER CHAPTER MAMA!

Nope. Gotta wait until tomorrow!


This makes me feel good.

And me feeling good is what its all about, right?

Ha. Sarcasm.

No, but really, this seems to work well for him. Our school usually looks like this:

Circle Time, right now lots of songs and verses about spring and sunshine and YAY.

Story - for little miss (usually one of the several Elsa Beskow books we've invested in this year. SO CUTE) or perhaps a story acted out with figures. (We did the three little pigs OVER AND OVER earlier in the year)

Math - Some math games (balls back and forth, counting by twos or fives, or a card game where we try to get to 100 first, or taking steps and clapping on every second step, then every third, etc) and math pages for our lesson books, one such as Ninja math. He copies the picture I draw on the board into his math main lesson book. The idea is beginning to work the concepts of the four math functions, starting with division, thinking about dividing the whole into parts. Ninja math is my take on this, due to little man's obsession with the Lego Ninjago sets. We draw a piece of fruit and then divide it up with our golden swords as many ways as we can. FUN. Ninjas. DIVISION.

A story for little man. Today was Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. We just finished reading through "The Wise Enchanter" which is a story about four children on an alphabet adventure, very similiar t the story I did for him. I used it as a way to introduce small letters.

Reading skills - Alphaphonics. We are working our way through this great learning to read resource. Really basic short lessons.

Copy work - We are copying Psalms 23 into a little main lesson book, working on writing in small letters.

Nature Studies - We've been reading through "The Burgess Animal Book for Children" since the fall. We are finally in the section on large predator animals which makes little man happy. HA. Also for free on my favorite website. We also make frequent use of a large nature reference book as we see things around our land.

Home geography - All about the world around us, covering basic geography and science. Found (for free!) on my favorite website, here. A really great simple lesson for each day with copy work for his main lesson book (I simplify the sentences quite a bit) So far we've studied directions, and the north star


History - We are reading from a book I received from my mom's homeschool collection "A child's history of the world" really engaging simple introduction to history, from ancient until the World Wars.

And then, lots of outside play (FINALLY) and each day's task, usually in the afternoon. A craft on Tuesday. Baking on Wednesday. Painting on Thursday. Games on Friday. (Monday is cleaning. They help!)

And that is where we are at...okay fine, most days. But, really, its been good. Finally feeling in my groove. Which is  nice feeling. Right?

notice cole, jay, kai, lloyd, zane, and nia the ninjas
all at the bottom of the picture. HA HA.


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