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Thursday, April 18, 2013

an alphabet walk in nature

Yes, being in nature is great for kids. Sometimes its good to have an activity to keep them looking around, noticing things, instead of just running like wild children, waving sticks and screaming, (which we do a lot of too obviously). So. An alphabet walk, in nature. Some letters are missing, but we really had fun with this idea. (And it is snowing again right now and we are supposed to have up to ten inches and I have no internal motivation to layer up the kiddies to go outside and find the letter G. I am too peeved with nature. HA.)

look mama, an F! this is the stick that started the alphabet
walk in nature idea...


slightly staged...
little miss found this one herself!


clearly a staged P.

kind of a q. at this point the kids
were running like wil children with sticks and mama
was doing the nature alphabet walk herself.

and an R...

no T. Huh. or U. oops.

we think this is a pheasant track...

look mama! the shadow makes an x!

the woods are full of Ys

staged, by me, after the children had lost all interest.

Happy letter hunting!


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