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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

surviving the polar vortex

Polar vortexes? Vortexi?

Because there has been more than one sweep of wind this winter, coming from the blasted north, driving us inside, and insane.

But we are managing. Quite well actually.

I am amazed at how my kids are playing so well together these days. Queens and knights and "mean baby princess" (RUN, its mean baby princess!) and legos and duplos and animals and "baby." Its like a gift from on-high. With only the occasional he-shoved-me-so-I-bit-him run ins.

I have had many people from warmer climates, or even here for that matter, say to me things like "I don't know how you do it." or "Really? All day with your kids? ALL DAY?  And you don't GO ANYWHERE? FOR DAYS ON END??"



Does that make me a loser? Crazy? Or boring? Weird?

Pretty much got the weird covered I suppose.

But still.

I thought a pictorial might help. A picture tour, if you will, of how we have filled our polar vortex days this winter.

So, here you are.

honey lemon ginger kombucha tea EVERY DAY

our sweet little wood stove (which smoked so horribly this morning I am mad at it right now)

geraniums from our summer patio boxes. still alive

flowers from dada

little miss was in tears the other day because she missed flowers
we took her to the conservatory and saw so many
of these pretties. (cyclamen) I brought one home from the store
and she nearly cried again...

my little reminder on my windowsill. SPRING WILL COME AGAIN

homemade pop tarts. truly amazing.

LOTS of tea

a cheery bright room

lots of cozying in the sun
have you read this as an adult? the near starvation and endless blizzards
really puts the winter in perspective for me....

we made a button lamp like ma did. I wouldn't recommend trying this HA
I put it out with baking soda. and didn't tell dada.

simmering my elderberry syrup concoction. SO important to stay on top of supplements.

we eat lots of coconut oil (on broccoli, in rice, in baking, etc.) and take fish oil and D daily

wicked good slippers and fleece pants.

the finished elderberry syrup

homemade pot pie. LOVE.

dreaming of flowers. look at that wistful little face!

and then yes. quite a bit of this too.


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