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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

the lunch dilemma

So. If you are like me you hit 11 o clock every morning and realize 1) all you've consumed today is coffee and 2) the kids cheerios was four hours ago and they are hungry. AGAIN. (Always with the eating these ones! Every. Gosh. Darn. Day!!)

Here is my latest (brilliant I might add) solution which is my go to these days.

Blue Tray Lunches.

Its a plastic blue party tray from the Target dollar spot.

I take it out. I fill in each one of the little spaces with various foods - blueberries, some crackers, cheese squares, apple slices, peanuts and raisins (with chocolate chips if I am feeling generous) maybe some toasted pita and some hummous in the middle, carrot sticks, etc etc etc.

You get the idea.

I set it down.

Their eyes light up.

They eat.


No waste. No crusts. No harping to finish.

Its kind of lovely.

And it gets over the - "here is another peanut butter sandwich" thing. And I don't have to make macaroni and cheese.

And it gets them to try new things. Oh hey. These red raisins? (Dried cranberries) they are sweet! Like candy! I like them!

Yes. Like candy. Eat my pretty ones. EAT. HA HA HA.

We do this for dinner sometimes too. Snacky dinner we call it. Sometimes dada might get fancy cheese, some smoked fish (which we ALL love) olives, hardboiled eggs. etc

You should totally try it.

How is that for a lackluster post?? HA.

You know, here is the thing. Last week. Headache. Heavy post which led to some nice wonderful supportive emails and some not, which made me sad. Then, more headache. Then baby gets the inevitable-post-candy-binge cold the kids had from Valentines day and our outings over that weekend. Then this week. I GET THE COLD. Aching head. Puffy glands. The whole bit.I texted today to dada I CANNOT MOVE. HELP. And so much the worst crabby mama ever today.

And yes, I totally pulled the blue tray out for dinner. Along with popcorn and reheated mac and cheese.

'Cause I rock like that.

(Actually it was awful. I yelled when they complained about eating reheated food. YOU SHOULD HAVE EATEN YOUR LUNCH THEN.)

Yeesh. What a day.

Time for early bed. Or an episode of Weeds on Netflix.

Hugs lovelies.


  1. Great stuff I do this two but I love the tray I must get one as I end up, with lots of little bowls everywhere (washing up :0/)

  2. Fantastic idea and I don't know many children that would turn it down!


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