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Thursday, May 28, 2015

crafty June is still alive

Lest you think I have let my crafty side die, I give you these needle felted gnomes in a homemade birchbark canoe.

Do you feel better now? HAHAHA. 

So for spring we have just finished up these sweet little stories about our favorite fairy, Tiptoes Lightly. In one adventure the gnomes get in their birch bark canoe and go on a journey. So we thought, hey, it be so fun to make those guys, let's do it!

Okay fine, I thought that. But after much convincing and cajoling baby green and little miss came up to the craft room. We found the wool. We found the needles. We began to poke and shape, wrapping wool around little pipe cleaner body shapes. Baby green wandered away. "This is bo-wing." Little miss stuck with it, poking wool along side her mama. My crafty heart swelled. Look at us, CRAFTING TOGETHER. Just call me soul mama!! But then, it happened, she poked her finger. Hard. Tears and screaming and " that's why you shouldn't have let me do that!!!" And "why is it SO SHARP!?" 

And the moment was over. 

So I finished the little men, giving them big black boots and red felt hats. And the next day, I thought, let's make a boat for them! So I gathered my little ducks around me, come, my children, LET US CRAFT. 

We found some bark, prying it off an old log. Then, a ha, stapler! The bark split. I might have cursed. Little man chastised me, mom, things don't have to be perfect. 

Yes, yes, son, I know, be quiet. 

Mom, it's full of holes, it's not going to float.

Yes, yes, child, I know. Be quiet.

Finally, we stapled together a boat looking structure. I put the little men inside. 

There, children! Play with what I have created! Except, don't throw them, no don't chew them. Be careful the boat, will break. Never mind. Go outside and play. 

And the little men and their boat are now living up on my dresser. 

Don't touch. Those are MAMAS TOYS.

Ah, the joys of crafting as a family!


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