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Saturday, July 9, 2011

a humid day in july - blackberry poetry

Thick wet air, pressing in
Hazy skies
Patches of yellow, pink and red flowers nodding to the wind
Acknowledging its path with a rippling wave of color
Cicadas, joining, letting out a riotous call, then settling in to silence, listening to the green things call out their song

For the world is green
Green all around
Green inside and out
Laughing at winters desolation
Ridiculous and forgotten
The air itself growing, alive, the vibrations all around

And I too am the same
Thick, hazy, growing
Lazing in the breeze
Vibrating with life
Calling out to the world, in a riotous whoop
I hear you!
I feel you!
I join you!
Green with life, like you!

A humid day in July


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