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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

have patience...have patience...

I am impatient. We all know this. I work on it. I try. But patience is not one of my "natural giftings" you could say.

When I was little the number one most annoying things my parents would do would be to sing this little horrible song called "Have Patience" (click here if anyone who knows what I am talking about wants to relive their childhood) which was supposed to encourage us in the developing of this character trait. The song was about a snail kid whose snail dad is trying to tell him that being slow is a great thing. Or something like that. (And yes, my father would sing it in the slow snail voice, adding to the torture of the song.)

They would sing this when we were in a hurry to open birthday presents or, more likely, waiting for some dawdling little sister to finish putting on her shoes so we could all go get ice cream, etc. etc.

I find this song and these memories taunting me in this phase of pregnancy. I am huge. I have heartburn. I have contractions ALL THE TIME. Yet I still have ELEVEN WEEKS to go (although I am banking on only ten left as the other two were early...maybe just nine or eight?? Please??)

Its torturous. Too early to go into labor any day. (Although it is comforting to know baby would likely survive if I did!) But still, way too early to get out diapers and newborn clothes and bassinets and so on.

It makes me crabby.

It feels endless.

Dont get me wrong. I am all about the miracle of pregnancy, feeling the baby move, yada yada yada. I am just, well, impatient! Weeks 35 to the end usually zip by for me. It COULD HAPPEN ANY DAY! But these days...oh how they drag.

This is the stage I sewed like a madwoman last time.

Eh. I don't FEEL like sewing.

And for little man this is when I obsessed over planning out his nursery (which was never used as such seeing as he refused to sleep anywhere except our bed!) Embroidered pillows, handmade curtains, the whole nine yards.

But it feels especially long this time around. Maybe its the heat but I have the most irritable uterus in the world. Contracting if I need to pee. Contracting while I pee. Contracting standing up after I pee. Contracting if I have too much food. Contracting with not enough water. Contracting to put on my shoes. Seriously, unless I am sitting my ass on the couch I am having contractions. (Although I just had one, just sitting here doing nothing. GOOD GRIEF.)

I feel sorry for myself. (Can you tell???)

And I take the crabby-ness out on the kids. "STOP THAT WHINING NOW!!" "NO, you CANNOT rub yogurt up and down your arms!!" "PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP ASKING TO WATCH THE PLAYMOBIL DRAGON MOVIE ONLINE. AGAIN. AND AGAIN. AND AGAIN."

And poor dada. He gets the brunt of it of course.

My new tactic from today hence is going to be to 1) ignore the contractions (until they turn into the real thing of course!) and 2) to totally indulge my children and be super nice mama. You want to watch the dragon movie online 30 times in a row? FINE. You want popsicles BEFORE lunch? Sure. Watermelon for dinner? Why not. (Sounds good anyway.)

And maybe indulge myself a little too. Sweet tea daily, a must. And maybe even a massage every few weeks? I think I should, thank you very much. I might even ask dada about hiring a housecleaner occassionally. (Would June ever do that???)

Now I need a project. Maybe some sewing? Trying to work up the energy for that one. Definitely need to get on the knitting. And then there was that book project I was supposed to finish pre-baby...oops.

Eh, I might let myself unpack some baby clothes after all, just for the morale boost.

So mamas, seriously, what do you do to keep yourselves going at the end of pregnancy??


  1. Hey Sara,
    Just one comment on your list - that first one about ignoring the contractions until you know they're the real thing - well, that didn't work so well for Beth. By the time she believed they were the real thing it was a little too late. Ha! The upside is it was a really fast labor and I will NEVER forget the birth of Ellaine.

    I do hope these next few weeks go quickly, blissfully and cooly by to delivery.

    Blessings & joy.

  2. Yeah... really don't envy you right now. :/ I spent the last few weeks trying to be positive and working out a lot... I would walk the stairs or mow the lawn, do lunges and squats and kegels... not much all at once but doing 20 minutes on an elliptical gave me an amazing boost of energy and happiness.

    Also ate a lot of chocolate. :P

    ...and my parents still sing that song, I often have it going through my head and I actually sang it to Maggie the other day. oh crap! haha

  3. warning taken tammy :)

    and yes beth, i should attempt exercise more often. ha ha! too funny you sing it too...i have refrained so far but i know at some point in my parenting future it will likely come out of my mouth!

  4. how did i not know you were pregnant with me? when's the big due date? i am 28 weeks due 10/9 and of course now that i'm huge and people tell me i'm huge- i'm ready to be done. but i haven't reached the nesting part, which needs to happen since i just moved and need to unpack. congrats! is it a boy? we are having our 4th girl. lots of fun and our hands are full of good things!

  5. congrats lynne! four girls! fun! i grew up with all sisters (until Brother came along at age 14, so i know how much fun you are in store for!) i am 31 weeks today. YIPPEE. we didnt find out the gender....i was thinking girl, but then boy, now maybe girl again? who knows....

  6. haha! just failed my diabetes test. :( She wants to do a c-section on me a week early. I don't really care. I would get to stay home with her longer if I do. I'm thinking you are having a boy!


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