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Saturday, July 2, 2011

one year old

I just realized, as I sit here feeling crappy and crabby and tired all at the same time (don't you HATE those moments), that my dear little June blog is one as of...several days ago...

I am not one to commemorate such occassions I guess.

BUT what a year its been! Big changes, big decisions, and lots of little moments that have changed me, meant the world to me.

Some of my favorite early posts...this one...this one...and of course this one...(was I funnier back then? I feel rather humorless these days) and I also loved rereading this one and this one and this one.

Then there were a lot of big moments...this one...and especially, of course, this one (the real game changer of the year, which brought on this one).

In any case...(I guess I like elipses tonight) its been fun, hasn't it? Thanks for reading along and for your input into my little world. Let's have coffee sometime for real, 'k?


  1. I always think I was more funny in the past as well. What is up with that?


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