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Monday, July 18, 2011

one of those "life is perfect" moments

Have you ever taken your children out in public - to the zoo or a restaurant or something - and have them act like the most charming, adorable, well-behaved little tykes on the planet???

Aren't those moments divine???

We had one of those recently, on a little trip we took to visit my sister.

It was before it turned gruesome hot here. The babies happily sat in the stroller as we walked around the cute little downtown festival. Then they played it up at the Children's Museum. And then they napped. BOTH OF THEM. FOR HOURS. (It was AH-MAAAAZ-ING.)

Then they awoke, cheerful and sweet, and we walked from our hotel, in the late evening summer light, through the cute Capitol square area, to a little Italian restaurant, where they charmed the socks off of everyone, myself included.

We were one of two families with kids in the whole place (the other family with kids ended up standing in front of the TV watching the ballgame the whole time). You know how it is, when you walk into a place like that, you get a few uncomfortable glances, a few worried looks. "Why are they bringing their kids in here?? Isn't it too late for kids to be out?? PLEASE not by my table!!"

It's nice to prove people like that wrong.

By the end of the dinner we actually got compliments from around the room. "The best little diners I have ever seen! What angels!"

AH. Yes. Of course. They always act like this, don't you know? HA HA.

But it made dada and I feel proud, regardless of how lucky we might or might not have gotten. Like maybe, we are doing okay at this whole parenting gig, you know? Like the choices we have made, however hard, the sacrifices however mind-numbingly frustrating at times, have paid off, and will keep paying off.

A good feeling.

So bring on the new week of sick-o heat, whining kiddos stuck indoors, aching tired pregnant body chasing after these little squirmy people, those moments in the fading sun of a hot July day will get me through it all...for a bit anyway.

Double fisting spoons for quicker ice cream consumption :)


  1. thanks so much for coming! it was great to see you guys. :)


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