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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

i have a theory...

My theory is that my dominant mood when pregnant impacts my child's personality...or that their personality or spirit, if you will, is affecting my personality while pregnant? However you want to look at it...

What do you think? Is it true for you?

With little man I was, well, coming home from very stressful work in a war zone and was detoxing from the experience while pregnant. I was emotional, moody, passionate, and highly creative. This is very much little man. With little miss I was in a much more contented and calm state of mind but doing a lot of work that required me to be bull-headed, opinionated, spirited. This is very much little miss.

A friend of mine points out that our moods when pregnant - stress levels, contentment, happiness, mood swings etc - results in chemical changes in our bodies which are very likely swirling through baby as its growing and forming too. She said she read a study of babies born to women affecting by post-traumatic-stress disorder and that their babies couldn't actually process high levels of cortisol (the hormone your body releases under stress) making them more agitated and anxious.

Interesting, right?

With this pregnancy I have been...creative but in a more thoughtful way, maybe more academic-oriented, confident, emotional but fairly peaceful. It will be interesting to see who this little person is...only 6 or 7 more weeks! (or maybe 8...)


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