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Sunday, July 24, 2011

embracing "Fun Mama"

It is hot. Sticky. The belly is huge. The contractions are endless. Everything hurts. But the sun is shining. Everything is green. It is summer. And my kids are awesome. So I have sworn I will spend the next several weeks (until my energy inevitably gives out) being Fun Mama.

You know her, right? The Mama who says, its 30 minutes till dinnertime and you want your second popsicle of the day? SURE. You want to go on the rip off five minute train ride at the mall for 3$ a pop? SURE. ALL ABOARD. You turn on the hose (a big no no) and point it over your head and then over your sister's head... with your clothes on... and then look at me? Uh. SURE. WHY THE HECK NOT.

That is where I am at.

Sometimes its good to let Fun Mama loose. She is a bit wild. A bit unconventional. But, she needs her freedom every now and then too.

"laser thingy" wars

endless bowls of cherries

fierce guys

the hose...


  1. There are lots of ways to be Fun Mama without overspending or being more lenient than you're comfortable with. But there IS a lot to be said for letting the little things go. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly! I found you through a google search on Fun Mamas.

  2. hi deanna! and thanks...i hope it goes smoothly (and quickly) too!


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