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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

today i...

So at one point today I was dumping out little misses rejected hot cocoa and it occurred to me how great it would taste chilled with that little chocolate vodka I got in my stocking.


But its only four. And I think, why am I so tired and worn already??

Then I think about my day. Here is what I did. And, edited to add, its not that I am saying "gee look how much I did" just, well, I had been thinking I gotten much done, but, well, I did.

Today I....

...held a hacking sicko sleeping baby for approximately 6 hours. (Seriously. SIX HOURS. She is still there. On me. I am good for around four hours. Somewhere around hour five I start feeling hot and achy and crabby about it. I am pushing hour seven now.)
... did a science experiment with little man (wherein he asks me what would happen if he put a cup of water in the freezer and I said put it in there and see. HA. I be GREAT at homeschooling)

...made homemade laundry detergent! SO EASY. It smells lovely too. (One bar of Ivory soap, dissolved in hot water, add 1 and 1/2 cups of washing soda and 1 cup of Borax, dissolve it all in a total of four-five gallons of warm water. Add essential oils to smell nice. I did Ylang Ylang and Lemon.)

...sat in the sun drinking coffee for approximately one hour. (Holding sleeping sicko baby) a book for approximately 7 minutes.

...did the dishes.  (holding sicko sleeping baby girl in the wrap)

...let the kids watch too much tv.

...freshened family pictures on the fridge. And hung up new pics of baby girl.

...picked up the whole house. Including the playroom.

...vacuumed the whole house.

...received this letter from a certain Mr. Little Man
me and dada are in the top left corner, holding
hands :) the rest of the people are our family and name is on the envelope.
...made refrigerator bread (its really so easy.)

...answered emails. Sent out emails. (You all get this as an accomplishment, right??)

...did not lose it when I found the kids doing this in the playroom. (We are having a thing fight mama. Instead of a snowball fight we are throwing THINGS at each other!)

...picked up the playroom again. (With help from little man...little miss wandered away pouting. I didnt feel like forcing it, you know?)

...remembered to eat around 2pm. Leftover Thai food. YUM.

...remembered to feed the children. YAY. (HA. That is a joke. Just in case you were worried. Ha. Okay. Sorry.)

...changed little miss out of soaking wet pants twice. (I GOT PEE PEE MAMA! Why was this easier when she was 18 months?? I missed my window again, dangit. She is in a pullup now. I give up for today)

...made potato soup for dinner.

...planned out meals for the rest of the week.

...made the kids hot cocoa, just because.

...hung up original artwork by an accomplished local artist in the playroom.

... ... ...I think that is it.

Dude, that is enough right? Sheesh.


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