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Saturday, January 14, 2012

my baby.

My baby...

grabs hold of mommy, daddy, brother or sisters face and kisses us, open mouthed, slobbering her happiness all over us.

rolls over as soon as you put her on the floor.

has the most amazing grey eyes.

wakes, and first thing in the morning, smiles up at me.

falls asleep nursing, milk dripping down her chin, smile on her face.

flails her arms back and forth in bed at night until I wake up and, taking the hint, nurse her again.

is wearing 6-9 month size clothes, and some 12 month sizes (?!)

responds to her nickname "bugaboo" or "buga" as much as her name.

squeals a high pitched shriek when she cries, especially when she is mad or impatient.

looked up at me the other day and, wanting milk, clearly said "naah-nee?"

wiggles when she is really happy.

was with dada in the other room a few days ago and started looking around saying "Ma MA MA MA!"

loves watching her brother and sister play and laugh.

is slightly scared of her overly affectionate big sister.

has the most adorable fat little legs.

is awesome.


  1. So sweet! They are all getting so big and cuter then ever:)

  2. So beautiful, both the sentiment and the girl! She's going to love reading this when she gets older.

  3. Adorable! How old is she now? I can't wait for the brother-sister or brother-brother thing...
    Did you get my package?
    Happy New Year!

  4. Love your story, Sara.. the photos are adorable, and the writing will be memorable ten years from now! Keep on being a journalist, as well as a loving mother, wife, sister and grand-daughter!

  5. she is all of that...and kisses Gramma!


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