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Monday, January 9, 2012

in which i confess my utter failure at potty training

So. I am a total failure at potty training little miss.

Little man got it. (Did I try harder? I think I did.) We had him run around naked. He peed once on his leg, hated it, and was pretty much done after that. The poop part was more difficult. He did one day, on the wooly rug in his room...all over...I lost it and yelled at him so loud. (I know this is SO BAD but I did) and he never pooped anywhere but the pot after that.

He saw that we cared so he did too.

Little miss doesnt care. At all. She pees fine on the potty. She refuses to poop. It is making me CRAZY. She will hold it in until we put a pull up on her for bed or whatever. And then I have too many lazy days of not forcing the issue and she just pees in her pullup all day. She doesnt care. I have nightmares of her as a teenager, wearing pullups to prom.


What is a tired mommy to do??

What we always do, when the S-H-I-T hits the fan.


Bribery, that golden nugget of parenting that everyone says is bad but everyone still does.

And today I gave in and engaged in what I swore I would NEVER do. A sticker chart. With the promise of a Buzz Lightyear doll at the end of the chart (30 pee pees, 10 poops). I told dada about it first of course. His response. Oh My Gosh That Is Brilliant. Do You Think It Will Work????

And as I am writing out this chart, lines neatly drawn on pink paper, with the word "poop" carefully written on ten squares, I started full on laughing at myself.

"Poop. Poop. Poop."

And this is what my life is these days. Potty charts.


All I have to say is, it better work.


  1. I hardly know no child which went on the potty without bribery :)! Smarties or gummy bear worked very well! Be honest and accept that we are human beings, who work just fine if you know what looks out at the end :)! So go for it!

  2. I can guarantee she will not go to prom in her pull up. Call it a "reward," sounds so much better.

  3. You never did the "bribery" (and I agree with Jayme, call it a reward, go easy on yourself) thing with Jack? Really? I just assumed everyone did that when they potty trained. We certainly did with Griffin. If it makes you feel any better, you're the one that gave me the idea that got my little man potty trained. You told me how you let Jack run around naked & how well it worked for him. I would have never thought of that on my own (we were fully immersed in potty charts, stickers and cheap reward toys purchased at the dollar store at the time). I nervously tried it with Griff and it worked. He never had an accident once I let him run around naked. So see, your not a potty training failure at all, you practically potty trained my son :) Ayla will be just fine...just like all children eventually sleep through the night, all children eventually poop on the potty...hang in there, friend!

  4. Why is it that if you say words over and over again 30 times they start to sound different? I mean, poop is kind of a funny word to begin with, so surely repetition would be giggle-inducing!!

    It seems like potty training is one of those Huge Parenting Events where grown-ups are always concerned that approaching it the wrong way will psychologically screw up the child for life. (Maybe it's all the Freudian theory.) Personally, I'm of the opinion that the other 95% of the things that my kids and I go through in life are much more likely to scar them! LOL! Each kid is different, each one may have different support/motivational needs to get them through, so do whatever it takes. Stickers and a Buzz Lightyear are small, small prices to pay.

    (Oh, and if you need something more specific, try new-baby-in-the-house adjustment for the whole family, possibility of behavior regression as everyone copes, and the fact that you are, in fact, quite human and deserve a Very Large Break on such things.) :-)

    To Big Girl Underwear...and BEYOND!!!


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