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Monday, January 2, 2012

new year, new me

Ok, so not new me. I was trying to come up with a clever title and I can't. Dada has a steak on the grill (in 15 degree weather, that is how we Minnesotans roll) and its distracting me. MAMA IS HUNGRY. Also, I just had a few sips of some homemade brandy (?) I didnt know you could make it but, whatever, its good. And strong. [ETA: apparently its called milk punch, made with brandy, sugar and milk. YUM]

This all makes me write, and write, and write. Whether that is good or not you can decide, I suppose.

So its the new year. 2012 and all that. And I am psyched about it. Yes, we got a pretty amazing little baby out of 2011 but otherwise...good riddance I say. Okay, I cant write off the whole year. There were some good spots. Some sweet memories with the kids. But, so much to look forward to in 2012.

First off. I organized the crap out of the house today, well, dada did too. He is wearing the baby right now, isnt he awesome? Something about a man with a baby wrap on...hmmmm....and this, while he is cooking dinner. I love that guy.

So, he wore the baby most of the day because A) I did something to my neck the other day and its killing me and 2) so that I can organize the crap out of the house (Yes, I see what I did just there with the A and the 2. Oh well.)

Where is that brandy stuff? Mmmmm.

So yes, you know how it is with the house. Move a few things here, a basket with books there next to the kids rocking chairs, sort through some books and boxes in the basement, and VOILA. I feel better. Isnt it crazy how this is true?

Ha. Little miss just asked me if Santa Claus is here yet. Oh boy. Second time today too. Gonna be a long two months till her birthday. BECAUSE I AM NOT BUYING ANY MORE TOYS TILL THEN. Girlfriend needs to chill.

So, yes. I have plans for 2012. Starting small. Getting baby to nap outside of the sling. This is essential. She has outgrown the fleece pouch and the ability to be worn comfortably for several hours a day. Just cant do it anymore. So, I will lay with her, nurse her to sleep, cross my fingers and slide out of bed. Just as I did with the other two at this stage in the game. I am hoping she takes to it. Seriously would make my life easier. BIG TIME.

Also. Yoga. Need to do this, something for myself. Fifteen minutes a day. At least.

Also. I am going to order this homeschool (I know, GULP, right?) Waldorf curriculum I found. Might as well give it a whirl over the next few months to see if I can commit to it for next year. (GULP.)

Also, getting bigger here, I may or may not have the chance to do some honest-to-God teaching using my honest-to-God degrees at some point this winter/spring. Wow.

And then, a house. I need one. I found an A-frame that I am obsessing over. Its already docorated in my head. With a treehouse outside for little man. (Please God, Please??!!)

And then, and then, and then. Maybe an Etsy shop? I can't decide if I am too lazy or not to do this. I might be too lazy.

And....who knows after that. I need to do more writing. Those darn WIPs that have been taunting me for months now.

Maybe I will run a marathon in the fall too.

Ha. Just kidding. I like running but cant understand why anyone would willingly put their body through pain like that. (Oh, childbirth, ha. Right.)

So, those are my thoughts for 2012, Mayan conspiracy theories notwithstanding. You?


  1. Awesome,Sara!! You are totally my soul sister, I mean it. I am excited to hear how homeschooling goes. If you don't mind 2 cents rolling your way, maybe save Etsy for later- new baby, writing, homeschooling, ENOUGH! ya KNOW? LOL! Homeschooling is NOT hard, but I think many of us moms who like to "do" cool stuff fill our plates a weeeee bitttt tooooo fulllll, especially starting out. Last year starting in January, I scheduled EMPTY spaces on my calendar (as in Jan 3, 12 -1:30 Read Newspaper) as my new year's resolution to be more still. It worked. It was amazing. This year, resolution? TINKER! PLAY! SIT ON THE FLOOR WITH THE KIDS AND BE HALF AS COOL AS DAD. Not just be the teacher, nose-wiper, meal-cooker, bedtime story-person. I want to play and experiment WAY more this year. So that's gonna be what's on my calendar 5 days a week. Be well! Can't wait to hear how you like your Waldorf curriculum. Let me know for sure.

  2. christy - i think i am with you on the etsy shop. also. i like crafty things but i get bored quickly. i dont know if i could handle churning out woolie pants and pixie hats for months on end. your point on reading the paper is a good one. i should do that for reading...i have so many books i want to get through! and yes, i will let you know. :) thanks!


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