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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a dreaded update

Literally every time I have had a free (rare, precious) moment to sit down and blog in the past four days the computer has a) crashed or b) kicked me off the internet. Its really crazy. Its making me crazy.

Also, I am very much not a fan of one-handed blogging (while nursing or holding a sleeping child) Its uncomfortable and my thoughts dont flow, like I am only using half of my brain, which, I am only using half anyway (without copious amounts of coffee) so that is what, a quarter of my brain? Not good.

In any case.

What am I posting about?

Oh yes.

A friend of mine started her "dreaded journey" recently (yes, horribly cheesy of me to say that about hair, I know) and it made me think that I hadnt posted pictures lately. You get all back of the head shots here as I look TIRED and er, baby faced (with baby weight) lately.

Funny things about dreads. Little miss recently came up to me rolling her little tufts of blonde hair in her little hands. Look mom, I doing it like you!

Little man always draws me with long Medusa-like hair sticking out of my head, I love it.

A little college freshman girl came up to me at the mall saying she admired my dreads and she had recently put hers in too. She had little pink barrettes and ponytail holders holding said dreads in place, a fringe-y curled bangs, and little horn rimmed glasses. She was adorable.

Okay. That is all. I am supposed to leave the house in approximately 22 minutes. Still in my pajamas. The race is on.


  1. the dreads have made excellent progress! And you get extra cool points for adorable random admirers. ;-)


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