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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


by this clever group of artists

I saw this on pinterest the other day. I am generally not for those signs with witty or inspiring statements, but this struck me, and made me laugh, and made me say "YES. EXACTLY. THIS."

Because its true. Labor. Walking the halls with an inconsolable baby. Conference calls while nursing. Changing poopy diapers in the only restroom around for miles, with no diaper changing station (WTH?) Nights awake with feverish kiddos. Seven hours on an airplane. With a sleeping baby. While needing to pee. Tension headaches combined with sniffly kids and frigid March temperatures. Reconnecting with a spouse after weeks of barely making it to bed time. Finding yourself in the midst of it all.

I can't do this. AT ALL. But I am. I am doing it. Despite all of that. I am.

We kind of rock, you know? We do.


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