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Monday, April 2, 2012

things i learned while i was away

* the world continues, even while I am away. Little miss misses me, but she survives, little man too, but he makes it.
* it is okay, to go away.
* possibly, good, even. Perspectives shift, rest, happens.
* lots of people love my kids, really really love them. And I knew that, but its nice to re-realize.
* flying alone with a baby sucks, but it is possible.
* when flying alone with a baby, dont make plans to say, read a novel or do some work, it wont happen. Plan on doing NOTHING but entertain and/or breastfeed baby. That is all you will do.
* dada is AMAZING. I mean, I knew that, but he really is, and deserves a shout out for packing me off to Hawaii with a smile on his face. I LOVE YOU!
* this island is beautiful. Magical even.
* my baby is a funny little sweeheart. I knew that, but it was fun to see her out from under the shadow of the big kids. She plays games and blows rasberries and kisses and says hi and gives the sweetest hugs.
* people can be grumpy, when it comes to babies on airplanes, but they can also be kind hearted and good.
* having a meltdown that ends in tears on a flight to the attendent gets you better service. Just saying.
* baby dear is not a fan of airplanes. Enough said.
* ten days is TOO LONG away from my guys.
* I still do have a brain that still can function. I should use it more. I plan to.
* Kona coffee really is the best.
* Hawaiians LOVE babies.
* babies LOVE them back.
* coffee farms go for as low as 200,000 for five acres of mature plants. Five acres, they say, is enough to make a living on. Goats would fit in nicely in Hawaiian terrain.
* beaches (with babies) are overrated.
* when flying with a nursing baby it really is useful to wear those old-school nursing shirts with slits in the side.
* people would rather have you flash them when nursing then deal with a screaming baby.
* coming home, is (will be) lovely.
* I have a good life, blessed.


these adorable little yellow birds are all over the place

not a fan of the ocean, this one.


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