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Thursday, April 19, 2012

a post about nothing really

One handed blogging....aaaaaaaaack!

Where is my dislike button? (Do you ever do this in your head? A 7am meeting announced, or you are out of coffee, etc and your brain goes "DISLIKE". I do this all the time. Also I will occasionally think to myself I need to "control F" to find my keys, cell phone, missing child, etc. My husband says I am very weird to have this go through my brain. Yes. I suppose. I am.)(Kidding on that last one. I have never lost a child...for that long anyway.)

I have no idea what this post is about really, in case you were wondering. Just that I havent been blogging regularly in awhile, and I should more. I actually have a huge backlog of things I want to write about...
=homemade nightgowns, for the girls. Really there is nothing quite as sweet as sisters in matching flannels nightgowns.
=the stack of Waldorf homeschool-y books that arrived yesterday. Oh yes, my bloggy friends, oh yes I am.
=our spring stories and verses, a favorite so far is Snow White and Rose Red. Does anyone else remember this one?
=our morning verses, and my book, where I am collecting all these goodies
=my crazy adventuring baby, who crawls from room to room screeching, giggling, and making a mess
=no TV days, and ideas to keep kids from whining about the evil monster
=dresses for the girls, made out of random fabrics and an old shirt of dada's

I need to get blogging! So what do I do? I sit here. Listening to "Music Together" CDs, bouncing baby on my knee, oohing and aaahing at big sister and brother's twirling and spinning. Pecking away, one key at a time.

I am gonna pledge to at least every other day blogging. Check back in! Hold me to it!

but i wanna sit on your lap!!

and i am so damn cute!

motherhood, a never ending PART-AY!!
I WANNA be in jail mom!

little miss is in the background, twirling


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