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Monday, April 30, 2012

weekly rhythm

this picture has nothing to do with this post. except that it is adorable. HA.
So I have been trying, trying, trying, to get my little 'uns into more of a rhythm. Not a schedule mind you. Schedules are good, sometimes, but they are constraining, they feel monotonous. A weekly rhythm, on the other hand, is just a flow to life, just what we do, you know? It can be bent, or stretched a bit. See the difference?

I decided to do this over the winter and just this spring we are getting into the groove, enough that little man says, OH, can we do that on craft day? when he sees a cool project. For my kids, especially little man, this security, predictability, is a good thing. The names of the days of the week are so random for little ones, but having a thing we do each day gives more meaning, they can grasp it. You know?

[side note: i have a freaking MONSTER headache right now. bordering on migraine. YUCK. and for some reason my shift key on the left doesnt want to work. its really cramping my style.]

[Ok. lavender rice sock on my neck. better.]

A weekly rhythm is also really freeing for me. No pressure to craft every day. Each day has its key task, and that is all. Any more (which of course must happen) is bonus!

Here is what we do:

Monday=Wash Day. I was doing this anyway, and have for years. Monday is getting the house back in order after the weekend. I do all the laundry, (including putting it away, huge for me!) make sure the kitchen is totally clean, sweep the whole house, and wipe down the floors. Maybe a swipe or two at the bathroom, if I am feeling ambitious. I also do any hand laundry (woolens for baby). I do a lot of this on Friday too (I like to go into the weekend with a clean house) but its done, officially, on Mondays. I try to involve the kiddies in this. We all fold and put away laundry (which often ends up them throwing socks at each other while I do all the work, HA). They love to take squirt bottles to the floor, etc. Then maybe after our work is done we sit and have tea together, or popsicles outside (my children have decided its popsicle weather already, even though temps have now gone down again...)

Tuesday=Soup Day. This is definitely not a favorite. So far the kiddies have only been involved a bit, maybe chopping a carrot for stew one day. Okay, so its totally a cop out. But I can see it being better as the kids get older. Its also a nice low key thing. Crockpot. Veggies. Stock. Beans. Meat. Done. I may change up this day. We shall see.

Wednesday=Craft Day. This is not just the kids being crafty, but me too. Sewing projects, fun projects I make for them, etc. We try to do this by theme, according to season, etc.

Thursday=Baking Day. A favorite. I did several loaves of bread last week. This week I am thinking banana chocolate chip breakfast muffins.

Friday=Art Day. We do painting, coloring, etc. I want to get more into the story-telling wet-on-wet Waldorf-y painting. We have done this a few times. I should share some of the ideas on this. So sweet.

And there is our week. We usually do a few outings in here of course. This week we are going to grandma's farm on Tuesday (while soup cooks away in the crockpot) and then Wednesday for a play date. Thursday I am thinking the library. My kids really can do one or two outings a week. Last week we did too many and the kids were exhausted and crabby by the weekend. And then somedays we may get the urge for coloring or crafting whenever, of course, great. Bonus. You know?

Any of you do similiar rhythms with your week? Even without realizing it? Or very intentionally? Would love to hear your experiences.

And baby has now woken up in the Ergo. Crying mad. And my neck pack is cold. Monday. Wash Day. Lets do it. Ready set go. And go. GO MAMA GO.


Oh. Hey. So it is also, National Screen Free Week. I am going to do this. No kid tv. Or mama tv. (Gulp?!) And while disconnecting from the computer is impossible for me (obviously! ha.) I am going to try and offset it by having actual real adult conversations this week. Connecting with real people. I am actually going out for drinks with a friend tonight. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? Also. I might cut back Facebook consumption. Anyone want to join me??
sisters. little miss is crabby about something. dont know what
they have so much fun together lately. its so sweet.

7 months old. can you believe it???

hi mom.


  1. Oooh, screen free week? I don't know if I can enforce this for me or my little ones, but I'll gladly take a fb vacation. I gave up FB for lent, and it was tough for a day or two, but definitely made my life a little simpler. I don't need to know what everyone is doing, know what I mean? Plus, I tried to make a concerted effort to write snail mail letters! So fun! And, just about your weekly rhythm, weekly flow, I think it's great. I think it's perfect timing for me, since with the end of the preschool year, we're soon to lose that structure that schooldays can lend to our week.


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