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Thursday, May 10, 2012

a felt rolling ball for baby

I am having one of those days. You know the kind, where you are CLINGING, sooooooo tightly, to your sanity. YES you can be "half Batman, half Ironman, and half Green Lantern." FINE. (WHY do you need me to approve of these creations boy?)

Little miss has had a strange mild fever for a few days, not enough to slow her down but JUST enough to make her crabby. FUN.

Baby is perhaps finely teething? Fighting off the same thing? In any case she refuses to nap unless she is in my arms and in fact prefers to be in my arms, no matter.

So, you know where I am at right now. RIGHT??

(Do I make more coffee at 2pm? Perhaps just take the children out in the jogger for a run? Leaning to the latter...)

And you know those days where you are just like "fortheloveofallthatisholycanyoustoptalking?"

Yes. I am having that day.

But, yesterday, yesterday is perhaps why i am now in this mood. It was craft day. Rather than crafting WITH children I decided to craft FOR children, in the form of a rolling ball for baby. And until it was finished I was like "CAN YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE TO CRAFT? WHAT, YOU WANT TO EAT LUNCH, FINE!" big SIGH. HA HA.

She is very into rolling. And she doesnt have a ball of her own yet, that is really big enough for a proper roll that is (of course she has these balls, that i made her for Christmas, but they are small). The problem with not having one for herself, you all with more than one child know this, the owner of the ball can then come up and demand (in whiney feverish way) that that is HER ball and she wants it very much. All chaos ensues. Much better to make the baby her own ball than fight at that all day. You know?

(Dang, perhaps I shouldnt be posting till AFTER my endorphin boosting run, eh?)

In any case. I found directions in this sweet little book I have and spent every spare moment ALL DAY making it.

Here is how it went down:


my living room. i crafted instead of facing this

and this...

cut out 12 pieces, in a pentagon shape
the kids got restless (and the house was a mess) so i moved my crafting
gear outside, this is often how i craft, standing with te baby
asleep in the ergo, giant mug of coffee and blackberry nearby...

i decided to add a few flower patches to make it pretty. the
five petal flowered fit the shape perfectly. i am big on symmetry

my sleeping buddy

back inside (kids in front of video! eek!)
then i start sewing, just randomly putting pieces together
as you can see i did the seams simply, on the outside. pretty basic
sewing, anyone could do this.

it was a bit complicated trying to figure out how the pieces went together
at the end...

nearly done

add stuffing, a few jingle bells, and more stuffing, then close up

my own ball?? gee thanks ma!

thanks for the ball. like i said. can i get down now?

look at the height on that throw!

today i felt guilty the kids didnt actually craft on craft day (not that they care,
mind you, this is all internal) so we made a flower wreath out of
an old egg carton. HA.


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