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Monday, May 7, 2012

we survived

The TV free (less) week, that is. We survived. In case you were wondering. As I havent posted in a few days. Maybe you thought I was curled in a corner, fetal position, my eyes rolled back into my head, swatting at crazed zombie children, demanding TV in a monotone voice.


That image made me laugh.


In any case.

Yes, we made it.

We watched three movies with the kids over the weekend to make up for it. But one was Fantasia which is all classical music so that totally doesnt count in my brain. Now I am not for all "NO TV EVER IT IS EVIL." But, its good to do without for awhile, cut back, as it were. You know?

And here we are sunshiney Monday mornng, kids drawing roads on the basement floor with chalk, listening to Pandora "Raffi" station, getting ready to go for a stroller jog. And somehow, for some reason, I feel super positive about this week.

So much up in there air - especially the house question, will it work out? country or city? - this is all killing me and dada this week. Like I can hang on, not knowing for a few more weeks, after that I will officially go bonkers.

We want to avoid that. For reals.

Ok. Sunshine is calling. Also more coffee.

lilacs are pretty. and they taste yummy.


  1. Oh that is the most adorable little orange hat! And of course you made it, right? Out of a sweater? I am always in awe of you!
    Hang in there, I know the not-knowing stage is really tough...

  2. every time i see "little miss" she is in that same tu-tu! so cute.

  3. yes, i did make it robin! they are super easy to do! thanks for the bloggy comment hugs. :)

  4. and yes molly, its her bestest one :)


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