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Monday, May 28, 2012

june remembers...

Once upon a time I had a crazy adventurous job. In this job I worked alongside men and women in uniform. I sat next to them at dinner. Listened to their stories of the day. I sat at a computer. They sat in an armored humvee on patrol. I missed my husband and cat. They missed their children. I heard them cry about two year old birthday parties. My heart was torn in two.

So, even though I have never served, I have seen it first hand. I cry when commercials come on, reminding us to love our vets, this generations Vietnam vets who go unnoticed by so many or when I see soldiers at the airport, coming or going, or when my church remembers them in the prayers of the people.

And I am grateful.

So, thank you. To my dad, my gradfathers, uncles, my little baby brother, who is not so little anymore.

Thank you. To you all. You are brave. We love you.


  1. I love your writing style, sara. it is powerful. xo thanks for the thoughts. g'ma MHGJ


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