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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

getting it out

Good grief I am so impatient lately.

You notice the lack of anti-recipe posts lately? Yea, I have totally been ordering pizza once a week. ORDERING it. Not even the foresight to buy frozen. I have no desire to cook. The weather has been this crazy windy hot stormy stuff of late and all I want to do is eat watermelon...and order pizza.

Luckily that is fine with the kids. Dada put pork roast and tomatoes in the crockpot himself this morning, poor guy. (DELICIOUS)

I need to get re-inspired. I totally pin all these great looking dishes on pinterest and then...nothing.

And then the kids, well they are totally absorbing this impatience of late. They run around like wild things, even the baby has taken to YELPING at me in impatience, if I even leave the room, take two steps away from her fat glorious presence.


Is anybody else doing this? Some kind of crazy spring fever? Its really...disconcerting. And then I try to blog and I just go "yada yada craft yada yada cute kid pictures yada yada yadayadayada"

So here I am. Getting it out.


I told my friend last night at a "mommy gets out of the house" evening. I just want to do something really fabulous. Write a book. Do some work. Volunteer. Travel. Camp for a week in the deep woods. Go on a road trip. Dye my hair (blue?) Something. An adventure.

Really what I want to do is move. To a ... New. Fabulous. Giant. Perfect. Spacious. Beautiful. Clean. Fresh. New. HOUSE.

And I found one I love. Fresh on the market. And it will likely sell before we can get the balls rolling.


Okay. Deep breath.

I am running away to my moms farm with the kids tomorrow while dada works along day... Hoping that will get me through the week.



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