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Friday, June 1, 2012


I have the best memories of summer as a child. Bonfires out in the cooling air, watching the sun set over the cornfields in back of the house. Forts in the shade of the lilac trees. Drinking out of the hose, that slight metallic taste, and then "accidentally" squirting your little sister. Lying in the middle of a field of grass, looking up at the blue blue midwestern sky. Bike rides. Thunderstorms. Popsicles. Summer nights. Fireflies.

All in and around the serene little farmhouse that we called home.

Really rather picturesque.

I wonder what kind of summertime memories we are creating for our brood? Do you wonder about things like this, or is it just me?

I want these kinds of memories for my kids. For us it will be... Swims at the lake. (Endless) trips to the playground. Picnics by the bandstand, listening to local music acts, as the sun fades over the lake. Visits to grandmas farm and cousins and gardening. Camping and cooking over a fire and putting up a tent with dada. Late night walks through the park in the dusky warm air. Saturday mornings at the farmers market. And lots of watermelon outside. LOTS.

It helps me every now and then, when I am having an impatient week (which I have had...enough agonizing over the which house and when question Sara! PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER! I realize I need to control this, you know? Make the day my bee-atch. I OWN this. I can MASTER this. You know?) Anyway, it helps to lift my head up out of the day to day and think big picture. What are we creating here, in this little world of ours? Does it fill up these little folk with goodness? Is it memories of laughter with mom and dad, out in nature or cozy in our little house?

I see a little of it here and there, what they will remember. Like driving down to the farm the other day. My little miss with a sleepy smile in her seat.

What are you thinking about little miss, I ask.

"About the farm," she replies with a happy sigh.

And so, we plan our weekend. Farmers market. Outdoor art festival. Picnic. And yes, we need to pick up more watermelon.

(you can tell who was the more willing photo subject on this particular day HA)


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