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Sunday, June 17, 2012

happy fathers day!

To my love, for being the baby-hugging, tie-dye shirt wearing (the kids gift to him this year), gourmet-cooking, co-sleeping, hard-working, lovely-eyed, guy that he is.
dada cooking with his girls

dada and little man

We love you dada.

And to my dad.

Nine kids. NINE. And the fact that we all love each other so much is testament to the amazing car-fixing, canoe-camping, God-fearing, hair-braiding, loving father that he was, and is, for all of us.

I love you Dad.

me and my sibs :)
i am the one in the long sundress....i think i still have that
dress somewhere....hmmmmm going to go dig it out....


  1. AAWWW. thats a great piture!! and i love all your adjectives to descride dad and "dada"


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