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Monday, June 11, 2012

caterpillar, caterpillar

Tickle tickle on my arm. Tickle tickle on my arm.

This was the song little miss danced to in her recital a few weeks ago (which consisted of hopping around on stage, fluttering her arms, and smiling adorably) and aptly so, for we have taken to raising a whole crew of caterpillars this spring. (As noted in a past post)

Okay, so its only 6, but for us no-pet family it was a huge undertaking (for me, lets be honest.)

When the first chrysalis formed, OH, the JOY. And then we were able to catch one in the 90 seconds in took to form into a chrysalis one morning. Seriously super cool.

Then we woke up this morning to a report from dada, the chrysalis had turned black (oh dear, that cant be good!)

But, on closer inspection it was not black, just clear, with a butterfly clearly visible underneath!

And then, 15 minutes later we look again and oh! A butterfly!

We will release it this afternoon, after its wings harden (sniff) maybe I need a dog to take care of...or some goats...but more on that later.

little miss in her dance attire. (anything she wanted to wear, ha!)


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