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Monday, June 18, 2012

a rainy day and anti-recipe #50 (!!) muffins for baby.

We don't often get rainy days in the summer. We get mostly thunderstorms that roll through with their prickly heat and strong winds and then leave us with blue skies and fresh clear air.

Instead, one day last week, we had grey skies and rain. Just gentle rain.

So Thursday, instead of trekking to the local mall where our rained out park playgroup was meeting we stayed home and embraced the rain.


my container garden this year.

We painted the rain, as it came pouring down in sheets. And then sprinkled salt on the drying water color to make that nice splashy effect.

little man's lightning rain and thunder picture

And then we read this poem, out of a nifty book of poems and stories for children I recently inherited from my mother's homeschool book collection (she gave away all her homeschool books to us kids. It was amazing) called 'Favorite Poems, Old and New Selected for boys and girls by Helen Ferris.'

The Cloud
I bring fresh showers for the thirsting flowers,
From the seas and the streams;
I bear light shade for the leaves when laid
In their noonday dreams.
From my wings are shaken the dews that waken
The sweet buds every one,
When rocked to rest on their mother's breast,
As she dances about the sun.
I wield the flail of the lashing hail
And whiten the green plains under;
And then again I dissolve it in rain.
And laugh as I pass in thunder.

Great, right?

And then I thought. I am on a roll. Lets bake. Now, disclaimer about this recipe. My kiddos wouldnt eat them, after a few polite nibbles. But, baby did. And they are for baby so. That is the point. The other thing. Please store them in the fridge. I put them in a ziplock in the cupboard. And just threw out a moldy mess. Ew.

Now that we got that out of the way, dont you want to bake these??? HA HA.

Baby muffins. We are talking muffins, for baby.

So. Baby needs nutrient dense food. So these use yogurt. Applesauce. Coconut oil. NO honey (baby isnt supposed to have honey because of botulism rish till a year or so and we use raw honey so, I follow that one.)

You can put just about anything in these. I did 1/2 cup oatmeal. Four teaspoons baking powder. Two cups flour. One cup applesauce. One cup yogurt. Two tablespoons coconut oil. One egg yolk. (Babies are supposed to avoid the whites of the egg, but yolks are GOOD for their brains) also half cup water.

Mix it all up. Bake at 400 in mini muffin tins for 20 minutes or so.


Been trying to write this post for four days. That was a lovely rainy zen today. Today is not that day. Baby is a wreck. Bouncing in ergo on my back. Dada is working late. It is wicked humid out. Crabby Crabby Crabby Sweaty Crabby.

Ok. Just had to get that out.


  1. My doctor said whole eggs (white and/or yolk) are fine. I say this not to contradict you but for people like me who are too lazy to separate eggs. ;)


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