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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

anti-recipe #49 strawberry rhubarb crisp

I havent posted a "recipe" post since MARCH?? HA. That is funny. Poor dada, he doesnt think its funny, my lack of kitchen prowess of late. I just, well, dont have that vibe in me. I mean, I am cooking for my family, obviously, just not super enthusiastically, or creatively.

So when I took it upon myself to make strawberry rhubarb jam this weekend and then suggested making a crisp with the leftover fruit dada was like "UM, YES PLEASE."


We had planned a big "date night at home" complete with a fancy steak dinner. But of course, as these things go, the baby was restless, the kids took awhile to get to sleep and by the time we had finished eating the giant steak and sides cooked by my gourmet husband we were too stuffed and tired for dessert. But the next morning? Well, its just fruit and a little butter and oatmeal, right? I can eat that for breakfast!! (Speaking of, I think there is still some left...)

The jam (following the recipe blogged about last year) was really great. This year I doubled the batch but less sugar, using 12 cups of fruit (half strawberries, half rhubarb), 1/2 cup of lemon juice, two packets of pectin, and 6 cups of sugar. (Of course the way to make jam, boil all this together, a full rolling boil for say 20+ minutes until it bubbles like molten lava (ha!) Then put in hot jars that have boiled in a giant canning pot for 10+ minutes. Seal with hot rings and lids (dont boil the lids! just rinse in hot water) Let sit for 24 hours before moving to let the jam set.)
my pretty strawberries, local! organic! and yes, this is my sole counter
space in this kitchen. this is mainly the cause for my lack of cooking enthusiasm
last year i had a baby in my belly. this year i had one on my back :)

So, the leftovers. I had maybe a cup and a half of rhubarb, maybe two (you know me, I didnt measure) and then almost a cup of mashed strawberries.
the leftovers. yes, the drink to the right is a vodka soda water with fresh
strawberry juice. MMMMMMMMM....

I dumped this in a pan, and sprinkled on a handful (about half cup) of brown sugar. You could add some lemon juice or maybe ginger or something like that too. I didnt.

Then I mixed up half a stick of butter with 2/3 cup of wheat flour (just what I had handy) and some more brown sugar and then a handful (half cup?) of oatmeal and some ground flax (which I try to sneak in everynow and then).

You could also add chopped nuts of some kind. I shouldve added more butter and some more sugar. Ooh, maybe some coconut oil and some raw honey.

In any case. Dada proclaimed it "tart, but delicious." Which equals out to little man calling it "sorta good, and sorta bad." (HA)

Topped with vanilla ice cream, I call it just about perfect.


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