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Friday, November 16, 2012

a mixed bag post

So yesterday I had the great pleasure of spending 90 minutes with a drill in my mouth. Oh yes, the dentist. Luckily upon confessing my apprehension the dentist swiftly offered nitrous oxide, aka laughing gas. Euphoria ensued.

Here is the random assortment of thoughts I had while he tinkered away.

I wonder why no one uses trapper keepers anymore. They sure were handy. Mine had a unicorn and rainbow. I wish I still had it.

Fervent wishes, nearly prayers, that Mary and Matthew get together for real on Downton Abbey this season.

A sudden vision of myself with dreads nearly to my waist (2 years from now?) out on our back deck, painting in the sunshine, like on a canvas with oils, only to realize as I look around this vision that I had a massively pregnant belly. Hmmmm.

Imagining us all as a family driving in a van out west to see the giant redwoods. Jack would love those trees, I found myself nearly tearing up imagining this picture.

Deciding that even if I don't finish my 50000 word novel this month that henceforth I would call myself a writer and work on this project over the next several months/years. Darn it all to heck, I will write this book.

The thought that, you know, I really REALLY hate downhill skiing.

And also, hmm my feet feel like they are floating off the chair. Weird.

And then, do you HAVE to turn the oxygen on now?? Ikea with the kids would be much nicer in this fuzzy state.

And there you have it. The exciting mind of Sara as high as she will ever be.


I have 40 things I could post about these days. Our school is getting better every day. I have a dozen eggs from OUR chickens sitting in the fridge. The spinach had actually sprouted in our winter garden. I have been working hard in demonstrating contentment to the kids. We work sometimes. We play sometimes. We rest sometimes. But all of it is worthy of our best. All is good. All is part of life.

Also, I made homemade rice a roni, remember that stuff? Back when I was a newlywed and busy and ate crap food I made it ALL the time. So I had that leftover serving of uncooked spaghetti noodles in the cupboard and some rice and I crushed the noodles, added it to this rice with dried onion, garlic salt, and parsley. Then I cooked it up as you make rice a roni,sautéed the noodles and rice mixture in butter until browned, added double in water and let simmer for 20 min or so until cooked. Voila. Side dish.

Also I got the Steger moccasins I have been lusting after since I started this blog. I loooooooove them.

The end.

PS. Also my baby is totally a destructive daredevil toddler now. When did that happen???

Also. A picture of us in the sunshine yesterday. Love. Them. Babies.


  1. This made me smile! I'm so proud of you Sara!! I hope say the same things in 15 years :)


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